Live Ledge #151: Record Company Weasels

This genesis of this show started about a month ago when my alarm clock went off at 6:00 am. You see, I have an unused iTouch, so awhile back I purchased one of those iHome contraptions.
On this particular morning, the track that woke me up was "Top of the Pops" by the Kinks, a wonderful little piece of snark that pokes at the late 60's British music industry. Hmmmm, I thought that morning, this could be a good Ledge theme. So I took it to Facebook and the Postcard music list to get some ideas, and tonight is the result of not only those suggestions but some further research.
It's actually a perfect night to complain about record company idiots, as last night those exact types of people enshrined non-rockers such as Hall & Oates and Cat Stevens in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The likes of Patti Smith, The Clash, Minor Threat, Dead Kennedys, and so many more are included in tonight's festivities, and there's even a twang set featuring Robbie Fulks, Kathleen Edwards, and a few others with their perspectives.
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1. The Patti Smith Group, So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star
2. The Kinks, Top Of The Pops
3. The Kinks, The Moneygoround
4. The Replacements, Talent Show
5. Chris Mars, Radio Hook Word Hit  
6. The Clash, Complete Control
7. The Clash, Capital Radio Two
8. Sex Pistols, EMI
9. Dead Kennedys, Pull My Strings
10. Minor Threat, Cashing In
11. ALL, Empty
12. Robbie Fulks, Fuck This Town
13. Kathleen Edwards, One More Song The Radio Won't Like
14. Supersuckers, The Captain
15. Dan Baird, Younger Face
16. Mudhoney, Generation Spokesmodel
17. The mr. t experience, I Wrote A Book About Rock And Roll
18. NOFX, Dinosaurs Will Die
19. Graham Parker & The Rumour, Mercury Poisoning
20. Nick Lowe, I Love My Label
21. Rockpile, They Called It Rock
22. Elvis Costello, Radio Radio
23. The Nervebreakers, Hijack the Radio
24. Hot Snakes, Kreative Kontrol
25. The Ramones, This Business Is Killing Me
26. Stiff Little Fingers, Rough Trade
27. The Saints, Know Your Product
28. The Rezillos, Top Of The Pops
29. Poster Children, MusicOfAmerica
30. The Records, Starry Eyes
31. Wild Man Fischer, Music Business Shark
32. The Replacements, Treatment Bound (Alternate Version)


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