Live Ledge #203: Jason Isbell

It was almost exactly a year ago that Jason Isbell first played in Sioux Falls. It was a bit of a groundbreaking night that showed that our little town would respond favorably to appearances by something other than tired old hair metal bands and bro-country.
Isbell returned to Sioux Falls this past Wednesday; one of the opening shows featuring material from his brand new album,  Something More Than Free. To help promote the show, I was able to chat with Isbell by phone about the new album (and other topics). Tonight, I aired that interview, along with two tracks from the new record.
I also talked about my second trip to Columbus, Ohio, to help with Gorman Bechard's upcoming documentary, Who Is Lydia Loveless? This time we were in the studio as she laid down tracks for her next album. Besides talking about that experience, this episode features material from Columbus bands that were purchased during this trip.
After that, it's nothing but new releases, as it is the first episode of the month. There's plenty of great new music out there, so check it out by downloading this episode from the usual sources, or...


1. Leon Bridges, Coming Home
2. Jason Isbell, 24 Frames
3. Jason Isbell, Palmetto Rose
4. Connections, Apt. by the Interstate
5. Cotton Jackson, Drink and Fuck
6. Dead Girlfriends, Ed Gein
7. The Girls!, It's Not You
8. The Squires, Going All the Way
9. Eddie Day and the Night Timers, How to Be a Musician
10. The Kinetics, Little Girl
11. The Zounds, Me and My Girl
12. The Fugitive Five, (I Ain't Gonna Give Up) My Way of Life
13. Brat Farrar, Nothing There
14. Blue Stratos, Good Times
15. Loose Pills, The Mess for Me
16. The Dunhill Blues, I Wanna Tickle Nick Cave
17. Wavves & Cloud Nothings, How It's Gonna Go
18. Cosmic Psychos, Fuckwit City Cum
19. The Hex Dispensers, Trapped in the Amber
20. Tenement, Crop Circle Nation
21. White Reaper, Make Me Wanna Die
22. Dog Party, Dead Guy
23. Bully, Reason
24. Negative Scanner, Ivy League
25. BRAIN TRAPS, It´s Alrite
26. Titus Andronicus, Standed (On My Own) [Seven Inch Version]
27. The Barbarellatones, Devil in Miss Jones
28. Archers Of Loaf, What Did You Expect?
29. Mr. Irish Bastard, I Hope They Sell Beer in Hell


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