Live Ledge #271: 1977 (Pt. 1)

First off, a few apologies for missing the last couple of weeks. A computer meltdown made it impossible to put together Live Ledge episodes, but hopefully tonight's episode more than makes up for it.

All of your favorite music mags will be celebrating the annniversaries of 1967, 1977, 1987, and other similar milestones. We're jumping ahead of the curve with tonight's look back to 1977. What a remarkable year! It's probably the most important year for fans of punk, power pop, and indie rock. So much of what we listen to today comes from the great bands and albums of this year. In fact, there's so many potential classics that there will be a part two sometime in the coming weeks.

It's also a very important year for me. I turned 15 in September of 1977, so you can imagine how the music of that time influenced me. I started off as a typical commercial hard rocker, which is represented at the beginning of tonight's broadcast with the inclusion of Kiss, AC/DC, and Cheap Trick. Then there was the big bang of the Sex Pistols' "Never Mind the Bollocks" album. That opened the floodgates to the Drones, Boomtown Rats, Clash, and so much more.

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1. The Kinks, Juke Box Music
2. Cheap Trick, Clock Strikes Ten
3. AC\DC, Problem Child
4. Kiss, Christine Sixteen
5. Motorhead, White Line Fever
6. Status Quo, Rockin' All Over The World
7. Chris Spedding, Wild In The Streets
8. Garland Jeffreys, Wild In The Streets
9. Dictators, Exposed
10. Iggy Pop, Funtime
11. Sex Pistols, Holidays In The Sun
12. Sex Pistols, God Save The Queen
13. Sex Pistols, Pretty Vacant
14. The Clash, (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais
15. Heartbreakers, Chinese Rocks
16. Heartbreakers, Born To Lose
17. The Ramones, Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment
18. The Ramones, Here Today Gone Tomorrow
19. Ian Dury, Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll
20. The Only Ones, Another Girl Another Planet
21. Wreckless Eric, Whole Wide World
22. The Drones, Persecution Complex
23. Boomtown Rats, Mary of the 4th Form
24. The Members, Fear on the Streets
25. The Lurkers, Be My Prisoner
26. The Dogs, 19 Streets
27. The Zeros, Hungry Streets
28. Radio Birdman, New Race
29. The Saints, I'm Stranded
30. The Real Kids, All Kindsa Girls


Kathy Shaidle said…
Palais -- pronounced "pal-AY". Americans are funny.

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