Live Ledge ##30: Numerology

This is a show that easily could have been cancelled. All week long we've heard about this crazy winter storm that's somehow coming in mid-April. First it was eight inches of snow that was forecast. Then ten inches. When the show began on Friday night it was up to fourteen inches! What the hell???

The combo of that snow along with heavy winds and an earlier ice/hail storm made an electricity failure to be a potential issue. But guess what? The power never went out!

Tonight's theme was pretty easy to put together. With tax day rapidly approaching, I just did a little iTunes library search for number terms. Dozen, hundred, thousand, million, billion, etc. etc. What's great is that it reacquainted me with bands I had listened to for quite some time. The Liquor Giants, Pedal Jets, Scruffy the Cat, God's Favorite Band, and so many other selections were from long-loved records. I may have to spend some quality time with my music archives during this little blizzard (or whatever it is).

You can find this show at almost any podcast site, including iTunes and Stitcher. Or...


1. Bob Dylan & The Band, Million Dollar Bash
2. Violet, 10,000 Years
3. R.E.M., 1,000,000 
4. Paul Westerberg, $100 Groom 
5. Liquor Giants, 100 Dollar Car
6. The Bottle Rockets, 1000 Dollar Car 
7. Wilco, One Hundred Years From Now
8. Rolling Stones, 100 Years Ago
9. Scruffy The Cat, Land Of 1,000 Girls
10. Pedal Jets, One Million Lovers
11. God's Favorite Band, 1,000
12. The Bremen Riot, Land of 1000 Dancing Pills
13. Suburbs, Pipsqueak Millionaire
14. Reverend Horton Heat, The Millionaire
15. The Quads, There Must Be Thousands 
16. The Mummies, Land Of A Thousand Dances
17. The Up All Nights, A Billion Pretty Colors 
18. Telephone Lovers, Two Dollar Baby 
19. The Plimsouls, A Million Miles Away 
20. The Flamin' Groovies, A Million Miles Away
21. Stiv Bators, A Million Miles Away
22. Beach Slang, A Million Miles Away
23. Jawbreaker, Million
24. The Golden Horde, 100 Boys
25. Swingin' Utters, Bent Collector Of 1,000 Limbs 
26. Wavves, Million Enemies
27. The Dwarves, Star 69- A Million Miles
28. Purple Hearts, Millions Like Us 
29. The Saints, A Million Miles Away
30. Jay Som, 1 Billion Dogs
31. Cracker, March of the Billionaires


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