Live Ledge #351: New Releases Pt. 2

Preparations for last week's new release episode revealed such a wealth of material that it was decided to carry on with that theme for this week. Shockingly, it was perfectly put together, time-wise, as with no changes to the folder of tunes for last week's this one ended exactly at the two hour mark.

There's just a wealth of great new tunes that's come out in recent weeks, and part two is in no way of lesser quality than part one. Great bands like The Bottle Rockets and Mudhoney make their return. Last year faves such as Ron Gallo and the David Nance Group return with records every bit as good as their previous effort. And there's all kinds of new bands, including Night Shop, The Goon Sax, The Fadeaways, Big Bite and many, many more.

As always, I hope everybody discovers a band or two they've never heard before! You can find this show at almost any podcast site, including iTunes and Stitcher. Or...


1. John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band, How Do You Sleep? (Take 1/Raw Studio Mix)
2. The Bottle Rockets, Highway 70 Blues
3. The Bottle Rockets, Maybe Tomorrow
4. Night Shop, The One I Love
5. David Nance Group, Poison
6. David Nance Group, In Her Kingdom
7. Ron Gallo, Always Elsewhere
8. Ron Gallo, I Wanna Die (Before I Die)
9. Mudhoney, Please Mr. Gunman 
10. Glen Matlock, Won't Put the Brakes on Me
11. New Age Group, Cat Stevens Don't Cry
12. The Jones, Sid Vicious
13. Bad Sports, Open That Door 
14. Bad Sports, Maybe Not
15. Personality Cult, Burned
16. MAIORANO, Just A Sign 
17. Viagra Boys, Slow Learner 
18. The Tenders, Tender Twist
19. The Tenders, Supernatural
20. The Goon Sax, She Knows
21. Lala Lala, Destroyer
22. Death Valley Girls, Unzip Your Forehead
23. The Fadeaways, I Don't Care
24. Loose Tooth, You Say
25. The Neon Brothers, Ain't No Friend of Mine
26. Big Bite, Relentless Healing
27. Constant Mongrel, The Law
28. Dumb Punts, Fountain of Potential 
29. Sauna Youth, No Personal Space
30. Honeychain, Some Other Girl
31. Titus Andronicus, Home Alone (on Halloween)


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