Live Ledge #394: New Releases

I'm here tonight to officially designate September of 2019 "Dead Man's Pop" month. Even though the box set containing four discs of previously unreleased Replacements material won't be out until the end of the month it's certainly going to be the focus of my life.
Unfortunately, not much has leaked out so far to air on the new release episode, but just today the live version of "Alex Chilton" showed up on various music sites. Yep, I'm ready for the whole package. But that's only the first five minutes of this month's collection of new tunes. There are tracks from longtime faves such as Matthew Ryan, The Hold Steady, Jesse Malin, Redd Kross and so much more. There's the return of 80's faves Dogmatics. There's new bands such as Les Grys-Grys, The Gotham Rockets, and so many others. There's something here for every fan of garage rock, power pop, or punk-influenced rock and roll!
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1. The Replacements, Alex Chilton (Live)
2. Matthew Ryan, Are You The Matador?
3. The Rubinoos, Honey From the Honeycombs
4. Sleater-Kinney, Restless
5. Pixies, On Graveyard Hill
6. The Hold Steady, Denver Haircut
7. The Hold Steady, Entitlement Crew
8. Jesse Malin, Strangers & Thieves
9. Jesse Malin, Dead On
10. Redd Kross, The Party Underground
11. Redd Kross, Fighting
12. Major Stars, I Don't Believe
13. Lumerians, Yellowcake
14. Shiny Beasts, Didn't Know
15. The Tufted Puffins, Good Times
16. The Kaams, Misery
17. The Gotham Rockets, Bad With Girls
18. PinkLips, I Wanna Be Your Dog
19. The Anti-Queens, I'm Sorry Babe
20. Sheer Mag, Blood from a Stone
21. The Sorels, She's in the Gang
22. Olivia Jean, Night Owl
23. Dogmatics, She's the One
24. Dogmatics, I Love Rock and Roll
25. The Total Rejection, Bridget (Song for Billy Childish)
26. The Shadracks, Tranquil Salvation
27. Fruit Tones, I Know Where Love Comes From
28. Nox Boys, Out of Touch
29. Les Grys-Grys, The Day
30. The Vacant Lots, Bells
31. Mark Sultan, Filthy Rat
32. Mark Sultan, Heart Attack
33. Gino and the Goons, Watch You Shine
34. CR Dicks, What Kind
35. The Control Freaks, I Hate Your Face


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