Live Ledge #407: Rock and Roll Christmas

The annual Live Ledge Christmas show is always a lot of fun. It's always a bit surprising how many great rock and roll holiday songs and albums are released every year, and 2019 is no exception. Despite a dreary year in almost every aspect of our lives (politics, social issues, etc.) somehow all of these artists are able to garner some sort of tune perfect for the time. Some are traditional "good will to all" songs, but others actually insert a bit of snark that reflects these troubled times.

This episode is highlighted by singles and albums by artists such as Alice Bag, Angry Snowmans, Beach Slang, Los Lobos, and many others. There was also a plethora of compilations put out this year, most notably a special Merge Records release that was initially sent out exclusively to their 30th anniversary record club subscribers.

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1. The Connection, Rock N' Roll Christmas
2. Hiss Golden Messenger & Lucinda Williams, Christmastime In Prison
3. Mikal Cronin, Christmastime Heist
4. Mike Krol, Won't Be Alone Tonight
5. Telekinesis, Christmas Time Is Here (Uh Oh)
6. Weazeldust, Santa Claus You Dirty Rat (Bring Back My Guitar)
7. Butch Day & The Nights, Giblet Gravy
8. The Devil's Deuce, Rudy The Rockabilly Reindeer
9. Hotrod The Crawlin' Kingsnakes, Souped up Santa's
10. Little Timmy Tinsel & the Fairy Lights, Blotto in the Grotto (Original version)
11. The Charlie Watts Riots, The Christmas Fit
12. Lisa Mychols, Mr. Santa
13. Sun Machines, Last-Minute Christmas Song
14. Nick Frater, Christmas Is Cancelled
15. Brad Marino, Blue Christmas
16. The Morning Line, Santa's Song (Wasted On You)
17. Blaine Campbell, The Snow Channel
18. The Kicks, Santa Clause Is Coming To The Usa
19. Girlfriend Material, Footprints In The Snow
20. Los Lobos, Christmas and You
21. Beach Slang, Jolly Liver
22. Stop Calling Me Frank, Santa Buy Me A Beer
23. Wyldlife, Piss The Season
24. Alice Bag, No Gifts for Nazis
25. The Cosmonauts, It's Christmas Day
26. Elephant Stone, Christmas Time
27. Iggy Pop, White Christmas
28. The Fuzztones, Santa Claus
29. Psychic Ills, Run Rudolph Run
30. Jeremy Porter and The Tucos, Christmas Dance
31. Jeremy Porter and The Tucos, Cigarettes, Snowflakes, Mistletoe and Wine
32. Jagger Holly, Christmas In Hawaii
33. Jagger Holly, I'm Not Coming Home For Christmas
34. Angry Snowmans, Ebeneezer Uber Alles 2019
35. Angry Snowmans, Hannukah
36. The Members, Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
37. The Queers, Ramones Christmas
38. Unsteady Heights, Around Christmas
39. Down And Outs, Merry Christmas Everybody
40. Tommy And The Rockets, December Snow
41. The Decibels, Christmas Wish
42. The Vargo Family, Hey Christmas!
43. Randells, Christmas Time
44. Piebald, (All I Want For Christmas Is To) Rage With My Friends


Noah Harper said…
Well done! I know what I'll be listening to Christmas morning. Loved the Mikal Cronin, Decibels, Vargo Family, Nick Frater tracks in particular. But they're all pretty great.
Scott said…
Thanks Noah!!! It was a fun show to put together!

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