The Ledge #469: New Releases

If it's the first Friday of the month you know that means it's nothing but new releases on this week's episode of The Ledge! This month features sets devoted to a number of great indie labels - Big Stir Records, Red On Red Records, Rum Bar Records, and a sampler of tracks from the new Bo Diddley tribute on Slovenly Records!

There's also the usual mix of Americana, power pop, indie rock, punk, and a few other genres. How about a set of John Wesley Harding covers from the likes of Graham Parker and Wreckless Eric? Or a British country band covering the Replacements? This is the show to keep up with great tunes being released all over the world. 

After listening, please go purchase those tracks you enjoy! These great artists deserve to be compensated for their hard work, and every purchase surely helps not only pay their bills but fund their next set of wonderful songs. And if you buy these records directly from the artist or label, please let them know you heard these tunes on The Ledge! Let them know who is giving them promotion! You can find this show at almost any podcast site, including iTunes and Stitcher...or


1. Independent Country, Left Of The Dial

2. Graham Parker, The Devil in Me

3. Wreckless Eric, Sick Organism

4. Bad Scene, You In Spite of Yourself

5. The Minus Five, Making Love to Bob Dylan

6. Whitney K., Trans Canada Oil-Boom Blues

7. The Peacers, Ghost of a Motherfucker

8. Too Much Joy, Blinding Light of Love

9. KRGA, Why Try

10. Popular Creeps, Split Decision

11. Popular Creeps, Black and Blue

12. The Stan Laurels, I'm Only Sleeping

13. The Armoires, Senses Working Overtime

14. Linnea's Garden, Science and You

15. The Chelsea Curve, Girl Cavedog

16. Andrea Gillis, Leave the Light On

17. Kid Gulliver, Boy in a Bubble

18. Caddy, Don't Wait Till Tomorrow 

19. Slamdinistas, Little Troublemaker (live)

20. Pearl Harbour, Trouble

21. Civic, As Seen On TV

22. Skegss, Down To Ride

23. The Smog, Set In Stone

24. Wurld Series, Distant Business

25. Brad Marino, Even the Score

26. The Nuclears, I Just Wanna Have Nothin' To Do

27. KEWPID, Tunnel Of Love

28. Pale Lips, Some Sort of Rock n' roll

29. Gino and the Goons, Down Home Special

30. Matt K. Shrugg, Mona / Bring It To Jerome

31. Rocket 808, Let Me Pass

32. True Sons of Thunder, Bad Trip pt. 1



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