The Ledge #560: Home Plays

This is another of those shows that really has no format. It's pretty much a rundown of the music I've been listening to around the house the last couple of weeks. There's some great reissued vinyl by Thee Headcoats, Beat Happening, Bottle Rockets, and others. There's old faves pulled out of the stacks by the likes of Jason and the Scorchers, Hypstrz, Curtiss A, and (shockingly) The Replacements.

But I also made room for some new tunes, highlighted by the return of Minneapolis faves High on Stress with their new single, "Over/Thru". I have no word as of this point whether it's a sneak preview of a new full-length album, but I'm obviously hoping that's the case. Other new tracks include tunes by Huck 2, The Downhauls, Lone Wolf, and The Tearaways.

As for the "52 Weeks of Teenage Kicks"series, I aired one of the more interesting remakes that I've found of this fabulous song. The story goes that at some point many years ago, former Young Ones star Adriam Edmondson "accidentally" bought a mandolin. After learning a few chords he began to play a few old punk rock faves. This led to him forming a Celtic-leaning band, The Bad Shepherds, whose albums primarily covered those same punk songs he had found himself learning on his new instrument. So in honor of St. Patrick's Day, I felt it a perfect time to air The Bad Shepherds' "Humours of Tullah/Teenage Kicks/Whiskey In the Jar/The Merry Blacksmith" medley.  

Again, I'm putting out a request to all musicians and wannabe musicians to submit your own version of "Teenage Kicks". If you have any questions, or have a version ready for me, contact me at


1. Adrian Edmunson & The Bad Shepherds - Humours Of Tullah/Teenage Kicks/Whiskey In The Jar/The Merry Blacksmith

2. High On Stress - Over Thru

3. Huck 2 - Neighbor

4. Lone Wolf - Beggin Me

5. The Tearaways - Saturday Everyday

6. Beat Happening - I Spy

7. Beat Happening - Bewitched

8. Glaxo Babies - Stay Awake

9. The Speedways - A Song Called Jayne & A Lie Called Love

10. The Toy Trucks - I'm On the Dish But I Ain't No Rag

11. Beat Farmers - There She Goes Again

12. Lou Reed - Hangin' 'Round

13. Johnny Thunders - Another Girl Another Planet

14. Heartbreakers - Love Comes In Spurts

15. Heartbreakers - Blank Generation (version 2)

16. The Downhauls - A Hazy Shade of Winter

17. Waste Man - Changes

18. Gary Kaluza - Angry Gandhi

19. The Lords of Altamont - Slow Death

20. Crash Street Kids - Little Girls

21. Crash Street Kids - Shake It Up

22. Curtiss A - Afraid

23. The Magnolias - Keep it inside

24. Suburbs - Superlove

25. Hypstrz - In The Midnight Hour

26. Hypstrz - Action Woman

27. Thee Headcoats - Too Afraid

28. Thee Headcoats - Cowboys Are Square

29. Paul Westerberg - D.G.T.

30. The Replacements - Lost Highway

31. Jason & the Scorchers - Lost Highway

32. Jason & the Scorchers - Broken Whiskey Glass

33. The Bottle Rockets - Indianapolis


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