The Ledge #572: New & Old

This week's show was all set when some tragic news changed a good portion of the broadcast. Yes, there was still the mix of old and new tunes that had been originally planned. But I could not help but make room for a couple of remembrances of fabulous artists who had passed away in recent days.

The first death was Jack Lee, who got his start in The Nerves, a band that also featured Paul Collins and Peter Case. A song he wrote for that band, "Hanging on the Telephone", was later made famous, and he also wrote hits for Paul Young ("Come Back and Stay") and Suzi Quatro ("You Are My Lover"). He passed away on May 26 of colon cancer.

The other tragic passing hits hard. Throughout the past few years, Justine Covault's music has been a regular feature of The Ledge. I first became aware of her with her Rum Bar Records releases as Justine and the Unclean and Justine's Black Threads. She then moved on and started Red On Red Records, a lable that regularly put out some fabulous Boston-based rock and roll. 

Earler today, her daughter, Haley, announced on Facebook that Covault had passed away, and my feed was immediately filled with remembrances from pretty much every Boston-based musician I know. She will be greatly mixed, and I hope that the handful of tracks of hers that was aired tonight will result in many discovering her talents.

I also found time to devote sets to a couple of great compilatons that have come out recently. This year's Record Store Day saw a 50th anniversary box set version of the influential Nuggets compilation. The original record may not have sold when it first came out in 1973, but there's not a garage band that has been formed since then that is not influenced by this set. The new five record set includes a record of tracks that were initially considered for the record but was bumped due to licensing. That's my focus tonight.

The other set featured is Gary Crowley's Punk & New Wave 2, a six record set that is just a joy to sit through. While most sets of this sort focus on the obvious tracks, this box succeeds because it's almost like every included track is a surprise. The big bands are represented by songs that may be considered secondary in popularity, but just as great as their best moments. Many other songs are rare treats that have not seen a reissue since their original release.

As for the "52 weeks of Teenage Kicks", I selected a version I found earlier this week on bandcamp. Al Bundie's Army is (or was?) a St. Louis band from a decade ago whose furious version is a worthy inclusion in the series. I've also replayed the verson by Jeremy Porter & The Tucos after getting the word that proceeds from that cover have raised almost $500 for Hater Kitty Army. Please head to to purchase your own copy to help this great charity!

And like always, I must again plead with y'all for more versions of "Teenage Kicks". If you are a musician, or have any contact with artists that could record their own take on the classic, please contact me!


1. Al Bundie's Army - Teenage Kicks

2. Jeremy Porter and The Tucos - Teenage Kicks

3. Tommy Stinson - Mr. Wrong

4. The Westerberg Suicides - My Two-Week Love Affair with Lucinda Williams I

5. The False Positives - Leaves A Mark

6. The BellRays - I Fall Down

7. Arthur Alexander - Woman

8. Justine and the Unclean - The Chasm

9. Justine and the Unclean - Scorpion Bowl To Go

10. Justine's Black Threads - He Never Reminds Me Of You

11. Justine and the Unclean - This System Is Set To Self Destruct

12. Brad Marino - Ramones And Stones

13. Brad Marino - Dame Darcy

14. JJ & The Real Jerks - Lost Souls Pub

15. The Gypsy Moths - Tilt-A-Whirl

16. The Master Plan - BBQ

17. The Spackles - Happy to See You

18. The Sonics - The Witch

19. The Moving Sidewalks - 99th Floor

20. The Squires - Going All The Way

21. The Rationals - Leavin' Here

22. Luke & The Apostles - Been Burnt

23. The Nerves - Hanging On The Telephone

24. Jack Lee - Sex

25. Jack Lee - Come Back And Stay

26. The Exploding Hearts - I'm A Pretender (King Louie Mix)

27. Hamburg Ramones - Ramones Forever

28. Vista Blue - 14th Floor (Television Personalities)

29. R├ąttanson - How Many Days Till Summer

30. The Psychedelic Furs - We Love You

31. XTC - Radios In Motion

32. The Professionals - Just Another Dream

33. The City Limits - Morse Code Messages

34. Nervebreakers - My Girlfriend Is A Rock

35. Newtown Neurotics - Hypocrite

36. The Pleasers - The Kids Are Alright

37. Rachel Sweet - New Rose

38. Muck and The Mires - Cool Imposter


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