The Ledge #587: Third Quarter Report

The end of every quarter is a time to take a little look back at the last three months of new music. Tonight I present a little over two hours of the records that caught my attention during that period. There are returning legends (Graham Parker, Lucinda Williams, The Pretenders) who are sort of shockingly as great as ever. There are workhorses (Guided By Voices, The William Loveday Intention) that seem to have new tunes in every quarterly recap. There's an archive project that is clearly a label of love for the family of Sparklehorse's Mark Linkhouse. And, of course, there are sets devoted to our friends at Big Stir Records and Rum Bar Records, along with a nice heaping of new bands (or new to me, at least) that caught my attention. 

As for the "52 Weeks Of Teenage Kicks", I have a fun live version that I recently found on Bandcamp. Guitarist Davey Lane is in the current lineup of Australian greats You Am I, and he apparently got the gig after recording and touring with You Am I leader Tim Rogers in the late 90's. Since it is the third quarter recap, I'm also giving another spin to the fabulous version submitted by members of Popular Creeps and The Stick Arounds, under the name The Creep Arounds.

As I do every week, I must again plead with y'all for more versions of "Teenage Kicks". If you are a musician, or have any contact with artists that could record their own take on the classic, please contact me!

1. Davey Lane Teenage Kicks

2. The Creep Arounds - Teenage Kicks

3. Dolph Chaney - Mr. Eli

4. The Flashcubes featuring Steve Conte - Gudbuy T'Jane

5. Graham Parker & The Goldtops - The Music Of The Devil

6. Guided By Voices - Meet the Star

7. The William Loveday Intention - Driving That Thing

8. Sparklehorse - I Fucked It Up

9. Wreckless Eric - Standing Water

10. Lydia Loveless - Poor Boy

11. Tamar Berk - sunday driving

12. Pretenders - Losing my sense of taste

13. Lucinda Williams - Rock N Roll Heart

14. Thee Oh Sees - Goon

15. Frankie and the Witch Fingers - Electricide

16. Flat Worms - Sigalert

17. Jungle Breed - Cricket Men in Kirribilli

18. Low Cut Connie - WHIPS AND CHAINS

19. Cyanide Pills - Low Budget Rock 'n' Roll

20. Catch As Catch Can - Medium Rare

21. The Vanrays - Shake My Hand

22. Baby Jesus - Don't Pass Me By

23. Duncan Reid and the Big Heads - Just Try To Be Kind

24. The Cowboys - Johnny Drives A Beater

25. Private Lives - Hit Record

26. Young Francis Hi Fi - Baby You're Braindead

27. Th Da Freak - Young Bro

28. Chronics - Gimme Fun

29. The Natvral - Lucifer's Glory

30. The Summertimes - Inside

31. JJ & The Real Jerks - Girl I Want My Money Back

32. The Cornfed Project - Southbound

33. The Gypsy Moths - A Six Man Bicycle

34. Kurt Baker - Rock 'n' Roll Club

35. The Hangmen - Broken Heartland

36. The Pretty Flowers - Another Way To Lose

37. The Suttles - Without A Sound

38. The Replacements - Nowhere Is My Home (Alternate Version)


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