The Ledge #620: RIP Steve Albini

The May 7 death of musician/engineer/producer/ranconteur Steve Albini shocked music fans all over the world. What may have surprised fans even more is the discovery of just how much classic records he helped create in his four decade run. Besides famously successful records by superstars such as Nirvana, Pixies, PJ Harvey, and others, Albini worked with a wide range of artists, big and small. The discography is literally impossible to navigate, as his credits include over a thousand different sessions.

So tonight's look at Albini's career is indeed not complete. Some of his most well-known projects aren't included. Instead, this show tries to show that wide variety I already mentioned. There are singer/songwriter types that worked with on a number of records (Robbie Fulks, Magnolia Electric Co.), quite a few well-known acts that were looking for a different sound (Guided By Voices, Fleshtones), and some more recent bands that certinly benefitted from his wisdom (Cloud Nothings, Screaming Females). There's also a set devoted to Albini's own musical career, including a couple of tracks from a brand new Shellac album, To All Trains, that was posthumously released today (May 17). 


1. Cheap Trick - Hello There

2. Big Black - The Model

3. Big Black - He's a Whore

4. Rapeman - Just Got Paid

5. Shellac - WSOD

6. Shellac - Chick New Wave

7. Robbie Fulks - Every kind of music but country

8. Magnolia Electric Co. - The Dark Don't Hide It

9. The Wedding Present - Dare

10. PJ Harvey - Man-Size

11. Flour - Coffee

12. Slint - Ron

13. Superchunk - Seed Toss

14. Poster Children - If You See Kay

15. Pixies - Bone Machine

16. Pixies - Gigantic

17. The Breeders - Happiness Is A Warm Gun

18. The Amps - Tipp City

19. Nirvana - All Apologies

20. Jawbreaker - Boxcar

21. Didjits - Who's Ready to Get High

22. Pansy Division - 17-Feb

23. Cheap Trick - Southern Girls

24. Pussy Galore - Undertaker

25. Boss Hog - Trigger, Man

26. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - '78 Style

27. The Fleshtones - High On Drugs

28. Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet - 3 Piece Suit

29. The Sadies - Glass Of Wine

30. Guided By Voices - It's Like Soul Man

31. Ty Segall - Break A Guitar

32. Fuzz - Nothing People

33. METZ - Drained Lake

34. Flat Worms - Plaster Casts

35. The Stooges - You Can't Have Friends

36. The Cribs - Come On, Be a No-One

37. Screaming Females - Extinction

38. Cloud Nothings - Stay Useless

39. Let's Wrestle - There's A Rockstar In My Room


Anonymous said…
Very good podcast again. More on the subject :
Anonymous said…
kurt said…
Mr. Hudson.

My apologies if you've already covered this; I've fallen a bit behind in my listening. I was recently alerted that Lone Justice has recorded a version of Teenage Kicks, released this week. I bet you already know about this. Looking forward to catching up on some shows.
Scott said…
Kurt, I had read that earlier this week! I'm excited to get it, and you know it will be featured on a future episode!!! Thanks for writing!

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