Hudson's Best of Sioux Falls, Part 2

Best Place to See Nascar Paraphanalia: The Country View Trailer Park. They may not have running water or working electricity, but they have all of the latest Dale Earnheart junk. And a satellite dish.
Best New Event for 2004 Olympics: Storm chasing; KELO will finally bring home the gold for something. It certainly won’t be for their reporting.
Best Place to Pick Up Divorcees: The Sunbird…not that anyone would want to, though.
Best Place to Pick Up an STD: Acme. Thankfully, I don’t know that from experience, but one has to admit there’s some stanky ho’s in that establishment.
Best Place to Bitch About Sioux Falls: Black Sheep Coffee, formerly known as Great Plains Coffee. Let’s face it, any place that counts myself and Ehrisman as regulars has to be THE place to bitch and moan. Trust me, we’re not the only ones.
Best Place to Feel Good About Yourself: Wal-Mart. You may feel dirty after you’ve left, but no place in town will enhance your self-esteem like a short visit to this wretched place of business.
Best Place to Urinate: Obviously, it has to be The Loop; extra points for hitting a doorway from a moving vehicle.
Best Hottie Bartender: Little Jen at the Top Hat. A tiny little girl with beautiful legs. What more can a drunk guy ask for?
Best Smart-ass Bartender: Sandy at the Crow. A gruff woman on the outside, but an absolute sweetheart of a person. But don’t piss her off.
Best Substitute For the Top Hat: Some’s or the Little Coalinga. The Hat is starting to get overrun with weekend hipster wannabees, so maybe it’s time for a new dive bar. My vote is for either of these two bars located just a stone’s throw away from Phil’s.
Best Undiscovered Restaurant: A Touch of Europe. Overshadowed by the Minerva’s publicity machine on the other end of the block, A Touch of Europe features food just as enticing without the perceived high-classed snobbishness. Plus, they have jazz on weekends, and a beautiful woman by the name of Melissa as a waitress.
Best Hairdresser By Day/Coffee Server By Night: Lisa at Black Sheep Coffee. During the day she cuts hair at Hair Essence, but a few nights a week you can find her at Black Sheep. A beautiful young indie-rock chick, and one of the nicest women I’ve ever met. Last week I remarked to Alec that I’d like to find a 30 year old version of her. His response? He’d like to find a younger version. Like father, like son.
Best Server: Traci at Spezia. Easily, my favorite person in the world, even though her beautiful co-worker Heidi likes my mixed discs more than she. Traci’s one hip, hot chick, and when Alec and I go to visit her at Spezia we don’t even have to place an order. She decides what I need to eat, and she has yet to choose a bad meal.


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