Bill Maher Nails It

From Real Time Nov. 14, 2008

The one part of the economy that is doing well I swear to god is the gun industry. Since Obama got elected gun sales have shot up because there's a, you know, this is, I read this in USA Today, a survey of Americans, how they felt about Obama's election, 67% proud, 59% excited, 30% pessimistic, 27% afraid. So we'd like to f#%k with those people right now. The people who are afraid. A little something we call Obama World.

In Obama World all guns will be confiscated and melted down to make a giant statue of Allah.

The National Anthem will be changed from the Star Spangled Banner to Gin and Juice.

The colors of the American flag will be changed from red, white and blue to black, black and leopard print.

The Department of Health and Human services will now be the Department of Earth, Wind and Fire.

And the Obama Cabinet will consist of Shaft, Dolemite, Foxy Brown, Mandingo, Cleopatra Jones, Superfly and Blacula.

And finally the government will listen in on your phone calls, search you without a warrant, arrest you without charges and hold you without a trial. Oh wait, that's now.


Anonymous said…
My boss at work left a copy of his NRA magazine on the desk. The NRA members are freaking out about Obama, and claim he's going to take their guns away, or at least create more gun laws that make it more difficult to obtain guns and ammo even for hunting. They think the Congressional "liberal radicals" will pressure Obama to sign anti-Second Amendment legislation. The NRA boys are ready for a fire-fight. They say it's black market purchase time if the Democratic majority in Washington lashes out at gun owners.
Bill nails it everytime. He should be the offical court jester for Obama.

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