Worst Promo Ever


Todd Epp said…
It's very 70ish. And that's not a compliment. Wow. Really, really bad.

The demise of KSFY news continues.

Todd Epp
SD Watch http://www.southdakotawatch.net
merrigans said…
God, how I agree- I was just waiting for Ron Burgundy and the team to jump up in the air at the end.
Sad, sad, sad.
Anonymous said…
I’m not getting this. I need another clue. Was ABC local ever a good station to watch? You people seem so surprised. Just look at the corporate culture at ABC. Their flagship daytime show is ‘The View’. That show creates controversy so that other networks quote them the next day. Classic textbook market strategy for paparazzi scum. No difference between the Fox channels and ABC when it comes to shock-jock strategy. And Barbara Walter’s interview with Courtney Love a few years ago should still be required viewing in all Mass Media university programs. It’s a good example of what not to do when a camera is front of an interviewer. Then there’s that stupid blond that use to work for Nixon. Dianne Sawyers stares are her victims as if they all come from other planets. Another example of how to manipulate people in front of a camera. Locals just mimics the parent company.

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