Live Ledge #30: New Release & Blog Finds

It's a night of discovery, as I not only previewed tracks from tons of new releases (Tommy Stinson, Tommy Keene, Josh Freese, Surfer Rosa), but also shared some of the great finds I've recently uncovered on various music blogs. Subscribe via iTunes, stream it through the Stitcher app, or download here!
1. Pylon, Stop It

2. R.E.M., Crazy

3. Tommy Stinson, Don't Deserve You

4. The Replacements, Heartbeat- It's A Lovebeat

5. Josh Freese, See You In 2010

6. Tommy Keene, Already Made Up Your Mind

7. John Doe, Don't Forget How Much I Love You

8. X, The New World

9. Surfer Rosa, Fire

10. Bare Wires, Seeking Love

11. Shannon And The Clams, Baby Don't Do It

12. The Kinks, David Watts

13. The Fall, Victoria

14. Husker Du, It's Not Funny Anymore

15. Man Sized Action, Claustrophobia

16. Phones, Hav Luv Will Travel

17. Mink Jaguar, Love To Love You

18. The Fleshtones, Another Direction

19. The Jags, Back Of My Hand

20. De Keefmen, Cryin' At My Door

21. Tranzmitors, Why Don't Boys Cry

23. The Wailers, I'm Down

24. The A-Bones, Monkey Man

25. Them, Gloria's Dream

26. The Move, Stephanie Knows Who (Live)

27. Flaming Groovies, Teenage Head0

28. Hickoids, Pictures Of Lily

29. The Vacant Lot, Miss You Baby

30. The Insomniacs, Sunshine Girl

31. The Ramones, I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend [Live]

32. Elvis Costello & The Attractions, The Imposter

33. Stride & Plain, Laugh At Me

34. The Singles, I'm In Love With You

35. The Ugly Beats, Take A Stand

36. The Avengers, We Are The One


Anonymous said…
stay off the interstate Scott !!!!! 300,000 people expected to attend Lifelight this weekend. I know this annoys you as much as it annoys me.

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