Rural Ledge-ucation #22: Labor Day

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I realize that once again I've gone for the obvious theme for today's show, but I must admit it turned out even better than I anticipated. Besides the tracks that I compiled for the Realpunkradio broadcast, various wonderful people in the chat requested (and transferred to my dropbox) some great tunes that I neglected. Celebrate your holiday with these tunes via iTunes, Stitcher, or directly here! 

1. The Rolling Stones, Salt Of The Earth
2. Woody Guthrie, Union Burying Ground
3. Johnny Cash, Casey Jones
4. Bob Dylan, Maggie's Farm [Live at Newport]
5. Tom Waits, I Can't Wait To Get Off Work (And See My Baby On Montgomery Avenue)
6. Billy Bragg, There is Power in a Union
7. John Wesley Harding, I Don't Work Here
8. Graham Parker, Honest Work
9. Todd Snider, Lookin' For A Job
10. The Kinks, Dead End Street
11. The Beat, Working Too Hard
12. The Walkmen, This Job Is Killing Me
13. The Rakes, Just a Man With a Job
14. The Jim Carroll Band, Work Not Play
15. Devo, Working in a Coalmine
16. The Band Of Blacky Ranchette, Working On The Railroad
17. The Clash, Career Opportunities [Sandinista! version]
18. Alex Chilton, Lost My Job
19. The Replacements, Bad Worker
20. The Replacements, Takin' Care Of Business
21. Pride Of Ohio, Local 00
22. The Godfathers, Birth School Work Death
23. Art Brut, Summer Job
24. Earlimart, We Drink On The Job
25. Dramarama, Work For Food
26. Jerry Lee Lewis, Big Boss Man
27. Drive-By Truckers, This Fucking Job
28. Hank Williams III, Workin' Man
29. Uncle Tupelo, Coalminers
30. John Paul Keith, I Work At Night
31. Steve Fobert, Labor Day 08


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