Rural Ledge-ucation #34: Product

A pessimist would look at the end-of-year barrage of box sets, reissues, live albums, and compilations as pure cash grabs by artists and their record companies. Yeah, it is, but as an obsessed music consumer I have another view. It's an opportunity to create more piles in my CD room, and also fill my external hard drive with even more tracks that I'll forget I own!
Today's short show primarily highlights some of these recent releases, along with a couple of albums that will quite possibly have a high ranking in my Best of 2011 list. Oh yeah, and there's a live Replacements track that I played for Drazzle (I can never say no to playing them, right?). You know the methods to get this show, or just directly download it HERE.

1. Big Troubles, Misery
2. Wilco, I Might (Demo)
3. The Decemberists, I4U & U4ME (Home Demo)
4. Giant Sand, Shiver
5. The New Standards & Friends, I Want You to Want Me
6. The New Standards & Friends, Love is the Law
7. Frank Turner, On a Plain
8. Rhett Miller, California Stars
9. Rhett Miller, Queen Bitch
10. Replacements, Nowhere Man
11. Tom Waits, Last Leaf
12. The Rolling Stones, We Had It All
13. Paul Kelly, I'll Be Your Lover
14. Matthew Ryan, All The Wild Horses
15. The Cure, Boys Don't Cry


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