Rural Ledge-ucation #35: Winter

There's few things I despise more than weather chat. Nothing bores me more than the "what do you think of this weather" question that I have to endure whether it's hot, cold, raining, snowing, or just perfect. But I'm also a hypocrite, so now that we've had our first blast of winter temperatures it's time for a show based around "winter" songs. So here you go - garage rock, power pop, and singer/songwriters performing songs about this much despised part of the year. Stream this through stitcher, The Ledge android/iPhone app, or directly HERE!

1. The Rolling Stones, Winter
2. The Housemartins, I Smell Winter
3. The Ocean Blue, Frigid Winter Days
4. Dumptruck, Winter
5. The Coral, Walking In the Winter
6. The Apples In Stereo, Winter Must Be Cold
7. Jonathan Richman, Winter Afternoon By B.U. In Boston
8. Garland Jeffreys, Coney Island Winter
9. Mark Olson, Winter Song
10. Kristin Hersh, Winter Learn To Sing
11. Paul Kelly, Wintercoat
12. Josh Rouse, Winter In The Hamptons
13. Leonard Cohen, Winter Lady
14. The Fall, Winter
15. Superchunk, Winter Games
16. The Tripwires, Flowers of Winter
17. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!, South For The Winter
18. Neil Young, Winterlong


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