The Ledge's New Home

If you've listened to the last few shows (or read the descriptions here), you've undoubtedly heard the tale about how my old podcast host, Mevio, decided to screw over hundreds of podcasters such as myself. They eventually put my show back online, but rumors continue to circulate about the future of the service.
During this time, I have spent hours and hours moving all three of my shows (including Rant a Bit and The Big Brother Gossip Show) to a new home on the expanded RealPunkRadio site. Unfortunately, iTunes does not allow you to edit the feed that is used for the shows in the iTunes store, so I have had to resubmit as a brand new show.
Earlier tonight, I discovered that the new feed has been approved. Yay! The bad news is that anybody who had previously subscribed must go HERE and resubscribe. Note that the original show is still in the iTunes store, but within a few days it will be a dead feed. While you're there, could you possibly also add a review? Even if you hate the show, a review will help me spread the word and possibly put me in the "New and Upcoming" section.
Those who have The Ledge android/iPhone app will see little change, as the new feed will be entered into the source code in the next day or so.
Thank you everybody who has listened to any of the 187 episodes...even if it's just for a minute or two!


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