Live Ledge #52: Valentine Girls

Ok, there's a few items of business that needs to be discussed, but before we get to that we must talk about tonight's amphetamine-driven show. I wanted to do an anti-Valentine's Day show, but after Greg Lonesome's fabulous episode of Rock 'n' Roll Manifesto I knew I had to come up with another theme. So why not another show featuring nothing but songs about girls? Yes, it's been done before, but since the vast majority of songs are about lust and...uh, lust, it's not that hard to create more episodes with no duplication.
Before you download this episode, though, we need to chat about the future of the show. No, I'm not going away, but there are going to be some changes in the near future. You've possibly heard my bitching about Mevio, and while the show is back live on that site all of us at Realpunkradio have banded together to create our own server. For the time being, I'll be posting my shows on both Mevio and my new home ( but sometime in the near future the Mevio feed will go dead. When that happens, the original Ledge podcast in iTunes will not be updated. Instead, you'll have to re-sub. There will be more information here as we get close to that day. For the time being, you can still grab this episode in iTunes, stream it on Stitcher or via The Ledge android/iPhone app, or nab a direct download HERE! 

1. Violent Femmes, Girl Trouble (demo)
2. The Jazz Butcher, Girlfriend
3. Big Troubles, Sad Girls
4. The Jesus & Mary Chain, Girlfriend
5. The Stitches, That Woman's Got Me Drinking
6. Untamed Youth, Hey Little Girl
7. The Mr. T Experience, Even Hitler Had A Girlfriend
8. Paul Westerberg, Another Girl, Another Planet (Live)
9. The Go, Rock'n'Roll Girl
10. The Real Kid,s All Kindsa Girls
11. The Plimsouls, Woman
12. King Louie's Missing Monuments, Girl Of The Nite
13. Jonny Chan and the New Dynasty 6, A Girl as Sweet as You
14. The Barreracudas, Girl
15. Milk 'n' Cookies, Not Enough Girls (In The World)
16. The Cynics, Get Away Girl
17. The Kwyet Kings, Self Important Girl
18. The Breakups, Everybody's Girl
19. The Crybabys, Where Have All the Good Girls Gone ?
20. Tall Boys, Action Woman
21. The Gruesomes, Stop It
22. Nikki & The Corvettes, I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend
23. The Busy Signals, Plastic Girl
24. The Brags, I Was A Girl
25. The Undertones, Girls Dont´t Like It
26. The Cramps, Give Me A Woman
27. New York Dolls, Who Are The Mystery Girls?
28. The Dictators, (I Live For) Cars And Girls
29. The Swingin' Neckbreakers, Thinkin' Man's Girl
30. The Devil Dogs, Gimme That Girl
31. The Penetrators, Little Girl
32. The Gravediggers, Hey Girl Come See Me
33. Steve Bledsoe, Too Many Girlfriends
34. Blacky Vale, If I Had Me A Woman
35. Bunker Hill, The Girl Can't Dance
36. Huntingtons, You're Gonna Kill That Girl


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