Rural Ledge-ucation #42: More New Stuff

Now that we're into 2012, new releases are finally beginning to make their ways into record stores, online retailers, and websites. Today's show samples a few of these recordings, along with a short tribute to Lux Interior, who died three years ago yesterday. Download this at the usual interwebs stops, or directly stream/download it HERE!

1. Wilco, Cruel to Be Kind (feat. Nick Lowe)
2. Leonard Cohen, Darkness
3. Mark Lanegan Band, Gray Goes Black
4. Dr. Dog, These Days
5. Jack White, Love Interruption
6. Nada Surf, Waiting for Something
7. John K. Samson, When I Write My Master's Thesis
8. The Cramps, It's Just That Song
9. The Cramps, Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?
10. Mike Doughty, 27 Jennifers
11. Mike Doughty, Like a Luminous Girl
12. The Rolling Stones, She's So Cold
13. The Rolling Stones, Little T&A
14. Destroyer, Leave Me Alone


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