Live Ledge #73: I'm Back

Yes, I was missing in action once again last week, but I had a great reason. A selfish reason, to be sure, but it couldn't be helped. Last Friday night, I sat alone in my living room surrounded by the contents of two bedrooms and the CD room. It was carpet time, and the available square feet in my house had to be less than ten.
The great summer of uncomfortable living is pretty much over, though. The carpet job was finished Saturday; the new furniture was delivered on Wednesday. All that I have left at this point is the seemingly impossible task of finding homes for all of my stuff. Ugh!
So Live Ledge returned tonight, and once again it is almost new releases. Besides new stuff, though, I have a miniset of live covers from a wonderful new blog called Great White Wonders. It is a fantastic resource for amazing live recordings from almost all of my favorite bands, and the owner is a Replacements fan!
Grab this little bastard now, either on The Ledge app, Stitcher, the iTunes store, or..


1. Terry Malts, Where Is The Weekend?
2. Hoodoo Gurus, Crackin' Up
3. Sloan, All By Ourselves
4. Jaill, Everyone's a Bitch
5. Veronica Falls, Right Side of My Brain
6. Guided By Voices, Keep it in Motion
7. Ty Segall Band, Tell Me What's Inside Your Heart
8. JEFF The Brotherhood, Sixpack
9. Tommy Stinson, It’s A Drag
10. Shane MacGowan, The Rockier Road To Poland
11. Tim Armstrong, Skeleton Crew
12. Redd Kross, Choose to Play
13. Willie Nile, People Who Died
14. The Knack, C'mon Everybody
15. The Godfathers, Anarchy in the U.K.
16. The Jam, David Watts
17. The Nervebreakers, I Love Your Neurosis
18. Hard-Ons, Girl In The Sweater
19. The's, Sho-Jo-Ji
20. D.O.A., Bloodied But Unbowed
21. Bureaucrats, Feel the pain
22. Gents, Modern Time
23. Straight Up, One out all out
24. The Distractions, It Doesn´t Bother Me
25. Tours, Language school
26. Dear Landlord, Walking Distance
27. Mixtapes, Right Where To Find Me
28. Lipstick Homicide, We'll Be OK
29. Teenage Bottlerocket, Punk House Of Horror
30. Shattervox, She's A Mess
31. Dirt Box Disco, I Don't Wanna Go Out With Yo
32. The Raw Nerves, Sleep for Days
33. The Cute Lepers, Terminal Boredom
34. The Normals, So Bad So Sad
35. The Riverboat Gamblers, Bite My Tongue
36. The Future Primitives, I'm The Sound


Hi Scott,

I am the lead guitarist for Shattervox ... Thanks for playing our music! I listened to your podcast and it's great ... it's what radio should be ... music for music lovers!

If you ever want to play anymore Shattervox music on your show ... just let me know, and I will gladly share the files with you!

Keep rock alive!

Scott said…
Hey Eric,

I just saw this comment you left. Thanks so much for the kinds words. OF COURSE I'd like to air more of your tunes! :)

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