Live Ledge #77: The Kinks

Anybody who follows me on social media is well aware that I was beyond angry this past Sunday when NBC elected to not broadcast Ray Davies' performance of arguably the quintessential British pop hit, "Waterloo Sunset", as part of the Olympic Closing Ceremonies. What moron decided this was a good idea? Instead, they showed One Direction, George Michael, and some creature named Jesse J. Why? Explain this to me.
Tonight's Live Ledge is my revenge. Besides airing the audio of Ray's performance from that evening, the entire show consists of songs written by Ray. A few are actual Kinks originals, but the vast majority are covers of what I consider the richest library in rock history. There's some pop, power pop, a slash of country, and lots of garage and punk classics in tonight's show. This is a keeper, my friends, so grab this now from iTunes, Stitcher, or...


1. Ray Davies, Waterloo Sunset
2. David Bowie, Where Have All The Good Times Gone
3. Elvis Costello, Days
4. Cheap Trick, Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
5. Big Star, Till The End Of The Day
6. Young Fresh Fellows, Picture Book
7. The Minus 5, Wicked Annabella
8. The Liquor Giants, Hold My Hand
9. Fastbacks, Waterloo Sunset
10. Gary Myrick & The Figures, Who'll Be The Next In Line
11. Cud, Lola
12. Jonathan Richman, Stop Your Sobbing
13. Motherfucker 666, Celluloid Heroes
14. Matthew Sweet, Big Sky
15. Yo La Tengo, Oklahoma U. S. A.
16. Condo Fucks, This Is Where I Belong
17. The Kinks, Never Met A Girl Like You Before
18. The Kinks, Shangri-La
19. The Kinks, Set Me Free
20. The Kinks, Autumn Almanac
21. Marky Ramone And The Intruders, Better Things
22. The Stranglers, All Day & All Of The Night
23. The Jam, Dead End Street
24. The Fall, Victoria
25. The Lyres, Tired Of Waiting
26. Chocolate Watch Band, I'm Not Like Everybody Else
27. Mod Fun, I Need You
28. Bob Hocko and the Swamp Rats, She's Got Everything
29. The Records, See My Friends
30. The Kwyet Kings, David Watts
31. Southern Culture On The Skids, Muswell Hillbilly
32. T. Tex Edwards, Death Of A Clown
33. 13th Floor Elevators, You Really Got Me
34. The Kinks, A Well Respected Man


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