Live Ledge #79: Devil Music

With our city under siege by a giant Christian music festival, I decided that this may be a week to dedicate a show to "devil music". Of course, the selections on this show really aren't praying to the evil God, but at their time of release rock 'n' roll was under siege by religious leaders for being Satanic.
Clearly, this was not the case, although history repeated itself in the early 70's with the androgynous look of glam rock. Live Ledge #79 combines elements from this entire time period, from late 50's rockabilly through late 70's psychedelia and culminating in a glam set where the world seems to revolve around Bowie.
You can hear this show via the usual methods, including Stitcher, The Ledge app, or by subscribing through iTunes. Or you can...


1. The A-Bones, Devil Dance
2. Corky Jones (Buck Owens), Rhythm And Booze
3. Ronnie Allen, Juvenile Delinquent
4. Johnny Burnette, Tear It Up
5. Vince Taylor, Brand New Cadillac
6. Allen Page, She's The One
7. The Wailers, Out Of Our Tree
8. The Sonics, The Witch
9. The Zakary Thaks, Bad Girl
10. The Monks, Monk Time
11. Paul Revere & The Raiders, Have Love Will Travel
12. Esquires, Come On Come On
13. Vvaa, Hey Now Little Girl
14. The Premiers, Farmer John
15. The Pretty Things, Rosalyn
16. The Blue Rondos, Baby I Go For You
17. The V.I.P.'s, Don't Keep Shouting At Me
18. The Attack, Any More Than I Do
19. The Electric Prunes, Ain't It Hard
20. Moby Grape, Omaha
21. Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band, Zig Zag Wanderer
22. 13th Floor Elevators, Reverberation (stereo edition)
23. Love, Can't Explain
24. District Six, 7 And 7 Is
25. Pink Floyd, Arnold Layne
26. The Misunderstood, Children Of The Sun
27. The Move, Fire Brigade
28. The Small Faces, What'Cha Gonna Do About It
29. The Yardbirds, Talkin' 'Bout You
30. The Who, A Legal Matter
31. The Stooges, Real Cool Time
32. T.Rex, Jeepster
33. David Bowie, Watch That Man
34. Mott The Hoople, Sweet Jane
35. The Velvet Underground, Beginning To See The Light (Closet Mix)
36. The Litter, Action Woman
37. The Seeds, Can't Seem to Make You Mine
38. Ronnie Hawkins, Who Do You Love


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