Live Ledge #84: Anniversaries

With rock 'n' roll now well over a half-century old, every day has some rock 'n' roll history associated with it. This week is no exception. In fact, so much happened on this week's dates that today's show completely ignores the biggest one of the bunch - John Lennon's birthday.
To be fair, we have celebrated the oldest Beatle in previous years, so there's really no reason to do it again. Instead, we concentrate on a few others...and some aren't the best memories. For example, today marks the 34th anniversary of when Sid Vicious woke up from a heroin-induced stupor to find his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen dead from stab wounds. A pretty gruesome story, for sure, but one ripe for a set of Sid tracks.
Today also marked the 41st anniversary of the death of legendary rockabilly pioneer Gene Vincent. Best known for the rock 'n' roll standard, "Be-Bop-a-Lula", Vincent's 50's input rivaled anybody else from that time...or anytime, really. Unfortunately, he was also injured in the car crash that killed Eddie Cochran, and his career was never the same after he recovered.
On a more positive note, this week also marked the 10th anniversary of the release of the first Libertines album, Up the Bracket. Produced by former Clash guitarist Mick Jones, Up the Bracket was one of British releases of the early part of that decade that once again established Rough Trade as a label that deserved attention. While it's not unusual for indie labels to have albums hit the charts these days, back then it was a rare occurrence, and set the stage for plenty of other artists to achieve more notoriety than in previous years. Besides one track from said album, we also heard a trio of covers from a recent NME tribute album.
What else happened on tonight's show? Plenty, really. We discussed Dan Murphy's decision to leave Soul Asylum, debuted new music by The Jim Jones Revue, Ty Segall, and Wanda Jackson, and even took a sneak peak at the just-released single by The Rolling Stones, "Doom and Gloom". Oh yeah, and there's also some tunes from my neighborhood walk soundtracks.
While we had some issues with last week's Live Ledge files, this episode should be easy to grab from the usual online spots - The Ledge iPhone/Android app, Stitcher, iTunes, or...


1. The Hold Steady, Most People Are DJs
2. Old 97's, Timebomb
3. Lemonheads, Pin Yr Heart
4. Husker Du, Eight Miles High
5. Guided By Voices, Chasing Heather Crazy
6. The Rolling Stones, Doom and Gloom
7. Hickoids, Have You Seen Your Mother Baby Standing In The Shadow?
8. Hoodoo Gurus, Like Wow Wipeout
9. The Hard-Ons, Bye Bye Girl
10. Soul Asylum, Cartoon
11. The Quakes, Anti Social Girl
12. The Hypstrz, Let's Talk About Girls
13. Guitar Gangsters, Bad Bad Girl
14. The Hellacopters, Dirty Women
15. Ty Segall, Inside Your Heart
16. Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs, Goddamn Holy Roll
17. The Meteors, I Hate People
18. Allah-Las, Tell Me (What's On Your Mind)
19. Howler, Up The Bracket
20. Splashh, I Get Along
21. Eyes On Film, Horrorshow
22. The Libertines, Boys In The Band
23. The Jim Jones Revue, Where Da Money Go?
24. The Jim Jones Revue, Relentless People
25. Wanda Jackson, Pushover
26. Sid Vicious, My Way (take 2)
27. Sex Pistols, Something Else
28. Circle Jerks, Love Kills
29. The Clash, Stay Free
30. The Damned, 1 of the 2
31. The Ramones, I Want You Around
32. Gene Vincent, Rip It Up
33. Gene Vincent, Hold Me Hug Me Rock Me


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