Rural Ledge-ucation #73: Happy Birthday Tommy Stinson

Tommy Stinson turned 46 yesterday, so it only made sense that I turned Rural Ledge-ucation into a birthday celebration. Besides a few Replacements tracks, we sampled some tracks from his days fronting Bash & Pop and Perfect, along with tunes from his two solo albums, Village Gorilla Head and One Man Mutiny. As always, there's a few rarities thrown in, including covers of The Clash and Undertones.
Of course, we also had to discuss the exciting news that Tommy and Paul Westerberg have recently reconvened to record four covers for an EP to assist in paying for guitarist Slim Dunlap's medical bills. As you may expect, I'm extremely excited by this project, and will bid whatever it takes to obtain a copy.
Grab this from the usual sources, including the iTunes store or Sititcher, or...

1. Bash & Pop, Fast and Hard 
2. The Replacements, Sixteen Blue 
3. The Replacements, Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out 
4. The Replacements, I Hate Music 
5. The Replacements, Satellite  
6. Bash & Pop, Never Aim To Please 
7. Bash & Pop, Friday Night (Is Killing Me) 
8. Bash & Pop, Harbouring A Fugitive 
9. Bash & Pop, Making Me Sick  
10. Perfect, Better Days 
11. Perfect, Alternative Monkey 
12. Tommy Stinson, Hateful  
13. Tommy Stinson, Teenage Kicks 
14. Tommy Stinson, Not A Moment Too Soon  
15. Tommy Stinson, Match Made In Hell  
16. Tommy Stinson, Zero To Stupid  
17. Tommy Stinson, It’s A Drag
18. Tommy Stinson, Don’t Deserve You 
19. Tommy Stinson & Friends For Done To Death, You Can't Always Get What You Want 


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