(Description from Mr. Show What Happened?)
Cloning Hitler

Two men who look like Hitler play casually with children at the park. "Hitlers seem to be popping up everywhere," says the reporter. Where are they coming from? Cloning. The Committee for Holocaust Reparations has cloned Hitlers to serve the relatives of Holocaust victims. "And, wuicker than you can say 'L'Chaim,' Hitlers have become a intergral part of Jewish life." We see Hitlers tending at a Seder and being used as playthings at little girls' slumber parties. But what is life like for the Hitlers? They complain that they can't get a date - "as soon as they find out you're Hitler, forget it." If their "master" dies before them, the Hitler is allowed to live as a free man. A sad sack, older Hitler describes the post-service life. "Oh, I keep busy...I clip coupons...I watch my stories, which I love..." His living room wall is covered with invasion-strategy maps ("lazy man's wallpaper"). "I'm Hitler. I can't not be Hitler."
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