Today’s Ipod Shuffle

1. The Fall, “Feeling Numb” (50,000 Fall Fans Can't Be Wrong)
2. Camper Van Beethoven, “Cowboys From Hollywood” (II & III)
3. The Ramones, “Mama’s Boy” (Hey! Ho! Let’s Go)
4. X, “Adult Books” (No Thanks Box Set)
5. The Flaming Lips, “The Spiderbite Song” (The Soft Bulletin)
6. Television, “Little Johnny Jewel” (No Thanks Box Set)
7. Wilco, “Shouldn’t Be Ashamed” (A.M.)
8. Elvis Costello & The Attractions, “Five Gears in Reverse” (Get Happy)
9. The Jam, “In the City” (Compact Snap)
10. Elliott Smith, “Pictures of Me” (Either/Or)
11. Ryan Adams, “New York, New York” (Gold)
12. Steve Earle, “Lonelier Than This” (Transcendental Blues)
13. Billy Bragg & Wilco, “Another Man’s Done Gone” (Mermaid Avenue)
14. Vic Chesnutt, “Sleeping Man” (Drunk)
15. New Order, “Every Little Counts” (Brotherhood)
16. The Pixies, “Debaser” (Doolittle)
17. Guided By Voices, “Watch Me Jumpstart” (Human Amusements at Hourly Rates)
18. The Pretty Things, “Rosalyn” (Nuggets II)
19. Pavement, “Summer Babe (Winter Version)” (Slanted & Enchanted)
20. The Pogues, “Poor Paddy” (Red Roses For Me)
21. The Action, “I’ll Keep Holding On” (Nuggets II)
22. The Fall, “U.S. 80’s-90’s” (50,000 Fall Fans Can’t Be Wrong)
23. Ryan Adams, “You Will Always Be The Same” (Demolition)
24. Bob Dylan, “On the Road Again” (Bringing It All Back Home)
25. The Pixies, “Hey” (Doolittle)
26. Morrissey, “The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get” (The Best of Morrissey)
27. The Cure, “The Blood” (The Head On the Door)
28. The Decmeberists, “The Bachelor and the Bride” (Her Majesty the Decemberists)
29. The Jayhawks, “Waiting For the Sun” (Hollywood Town Hall)
30. Low, “Pissing” (The Great Destroyer)


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