The Ledge, Episode 3: Covers, Part 1

Click on the heading to listen to Episode 3 of The Ledge. Here's the tracklist:

Replacements Gudbuy T'Jane

Flaming Groovies, Feel a Whole Lot Better

The Lyres, Tired of Waiting For You

Pixies, Winterlong

Beat Farmers, Powderfinger

The Drones, Be My Baby

AGent Orange, Somebody to Love

World Party, Happiness is a Warm Gun

Tommy keene, Kill Your Sons

Uncle Tupelo, I Wanna Destroy You

Gear Daddies, Little Red corvette

Paul Westerberg, Make Your Own Kind of Music

Bongwater, Porpoise Song


Anonymous said…
Happen to catch the events center editorial in the Sunday paper today? Absolutely brilliant. We just might be getting that new events center after all. And the Convention Center being increased by 40% too! Not to mention a new Howard Wood Statium. There might be hope for this city after all.

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