The Ledge, Episode 5: Power Pop!

Forty years of jangly power pop goodness is condensed into a hour on this week's edition of The Ledge.

1. Plimsouls, "Hush Hush"

2. The Breakaways, "Everyday Things"

3. Paul collins Beat, "All Over the World"

4. Flaming Groovies, "Shake Some Action"

5. Big Star, "Back of a Car"

6. Tommy Keene, "Places That Are Gone"

7. Paul Westerberg, "Seein' Her"

8. Shoes, "She Satisfies"

9. Material Issue, "Diane"

10. Cavedogs, "Tayter Country"

11. Young Fresh Fellows, "Picture Book"

12. Len Price 3, "Keep Your Eyes On Me"

13. The Madd, "Good Evening"

14. Replacements, "Another Girl, Another Planet"

15. The Hoodoo Gurus, "I Want You Back"

Besides being available as a download here, The Ledge has been picked up by , and will air at 9 am and pm local time this Friday!


The Goddess said…
Absolutely BRILLIANT, Mr. Hudson. Worth listening to more than once, even! =)

Very much looking forward to jangly pop goodness part two!
Anonymous said…
The Mayor told me last Wednesday that we have three more weeks or less until the Legislature decides whether to let us vote on the new events center. Jim Woster says so far it looks pretty good.

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