The Ledge, Episode 43: Big Brother's Matt Hoffman

It's a rare instance when a reality show contestant has Ledge-worthy tastes in music. This past season of Big Brother, however featured such a person, so once the show concluded we immediately invited Matt Hoffman onto the show. Besides talking about his life before, during, and after the show, Matt programmed the music for this episode, which included a couple of tracks from his band Shooting Blanks.

I'm sure you know the drill by now. To hear the show, you can subscribe via iTunes, download it here, or tune into this Friday at 5 pm central.

Here's Matt's selections:

1. Shooting Blanks, Swallow My Pride With Cyanide

2. Social Distortion, Highway 101

3. Flogging Molly, What's Left of the Flag

4. Screeching Weasel, I'm Gonna Strangle You

5. The Misfits, The Forbidden Zone

6. The Vandals, Fourteen

7. Goldfinger, Miles Away

8. Smoking Popes, Rubella

9. Face to Face, Blind

10. The Get Up Kids, I'm a Loner Dottie, A Rebel

11. The Loved Ones, 100k

12. MU330, Got Caught

13. Rancid, Radio

14. Bayside, Phone Call From Poland

15. Local H, All the Kids Are Right

16. Rise Against, Bricks

17. Against Me, Thrash Unreal

18. Shooting Blanks, It's So Easy


Rachel said…
Ah, you gotta love a playlist that includes Rancid, Social Distortion & MU330. Can't wait to listen to this one!

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