The Ledge, Episode 58: 2011 Preview

Whew! This episode was a disaster in the making. In fact, there were two disasters during its creation. The first occurred with only a few minutes left in the recording session. Not noticing that the two sections of the power cord were somehow unattached, the computer suddenly shut down in the middle of a song. Ok, no big deal. I just powered the machine back up, and recorded a second part to edit together with the first section.

Unfortunately, there was another problem. These shows are recorded as a wave file straight from a mixing board to an iPod. Somehow the iPod's settings were changed to low quality...which is a much lower bit rate and in mono. Not only did it sound like shit, but my laptop's mixing software wouldn't allow me to insert the interrupted song.

Surgical procedures on the recording were obviously needed. I had to take the original mono recordings, and cut out and save my between-songs banter. The songs were then reinserted before and after my babbling. For the most part, the cuts are seamless, but those with good ears will hear a couple of bad edits.

Was this show worth all this work? Yes!!! 2011 is shaping up to be a great year in music, and this episode highlights not only some of the great releases that has already come out but also samples from upcoming albums. Do yourself a favor and download it now  here. This show won't be streamed at, though, as this Friday at 5 pm I'll be putting on another LIVE LEDGE!

Here's the setlist:

1. The Twilight Singers, Last Night In Town from Dynamite Steps (available 2/15)

2. The Feelies, Should Be Gone from Here Before (available 4/12)

3. Social Distortion, Gimme the sweet and Lowdown from Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes

4. The Get Up Kids, Tithe from There Are Rules

5. Robert Pollard, Touch Me In the Right Place at the Right Time from Space City Kicks

6. Lifeguards, Paradise Is Not So Bad from Waving at the Astronauts (available 2/15)

7. Cloud Nothings, Should Have from Cloud Nothings

8. Yuck, Get Away from Yuck (available 2/15)

9. Switch Blade Justice, Punk Rock Show from Killing the Record Industry, Vol. 1 (available now at

10. Pig Pen, Mattress Back from Killing the Record Industry, Vol. 1 (available now at

11. The Mahones, Ghost of a Whiskey Devil from The Black Irish (available 3/8)

12. Flogging Molly, Don't Shut from upcoming album to be released on 5/24

13. Wanda Jackson, Thunder on the Mountain from Wanda Jackson

14. The Joy Formidale, The Magnifying from The Big Roar (available 2/1)

15. Telekensis, Please Ask For Help from 12 Desperate Straight Lines (available 2/15)

16. Hands and Knees, Close Your Eyes from Wholesome (available now at

17. R.E.M. It Happened Today from Collapse Into Now (available 3/8)

18. R.E.M., Mine Smell Like Honey from Collapse Into Now (available 3/8)

19. The Decemberists, Down By the Water from The King Is Dead

20. David Lowery, All Those Girls Meant Nothing to Me from The Palace Guards (available 2/1)

21. J. Mascis, Not Enough from Several Shades of Why (available 3/15)

22. Jayhawks, Won't Be Coming Home (Demo) from Tomorrow the Green Grass

23. Jayhawks, Leave No Cold from Hollywood Town Hall

24. The Dirtbombs, Alleys Of Your Mind from Party Store (available 2/1)

25. LCD Soundsystem, Drunk Girls from London Sessions

26. Wire, Two Minutes from Red Barked Tree

27. British Sea Power, Stunde Null from Valhalla Dancehall

28. Drive-By Truckers, I Do Believe from Go Go Boots (available 2/15)


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