Live Ledge #22: Blah Blah Blah

OK, I must admit I was a bit uninspired tonight. My guest fell through, my playlist seemed so-so, and this week has been the longest short week in history. I made it through the night anyway, and filled up some of the time by recalling stories from Bob Mould's new autobiography, See a Little Light: The Trail of Rage and Melody.

Download it anyway. Please, just do it. The music still rules. Utilize my iTunes/Android app, stream it via your Stitcher app, or nab it here!

1. Velvet Underground, Foggy Notion
2. Nick Lowe, I Love My Label
3. The Plimsouls, Everyday Things
4. OFF!, Zero Hour
5. The Banshess, I Got a Woman
6. The Kinks, Got Love If You Want It
7. The Clique, Superman
8. The White Wires, Roxanne
9. The Exploding Hearts, Modern Kicks
10. Pixies, Debaser
11. Sugar, A Good Idea
12. Husker Du, Pink Turns to Blue
13. Grant Hart, 2541
14. The Replacements, RunIt
15. Soul Asylum, Sometime to Return
16. Crash Street Kids, Little Girls
17. The Magnolias, Don't See That Girl
18. Loose Rails, Tell Me Now
19. Jason & the Scorchers, I Can't Help Myself
20. Beat Rodeo, Twin Hometowns
21. Discount, Help Save the Youth of America
22. Billy Bragg, White Man in Hammersmith Palais
23. The Clash, Somebody Got Murdered
24. The Ramones, Any Way You Want It
25. The Jam, All Around the World
26. The Buzzcocks, Airwaves Dream
27. The Damned, Born to Kill
28. The Lyres, Love Me Till the Sun Shines
29. The Fleshtones, I Can't Hide
30. The Saints, Demolition Girl
31. Radio Birdman, Love Kills
32. The Fall, Right Place Wrong Time
33. Circle Jerks, Put a Little Love In Your Heart


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