Live Ledge #23: The Recursive Girl Departs

The week-long nightmare is finally over. UPS delivered my new laptop yesterday, so The Ledge is back on track. Last week's episode with The Goddess featured nothing but songs about girls, so I figured tonight was the night for my response. With the Mojo Workout crew on vacation, it was also a perfect night for me to go overtime. In fact, even after the show was finally over, I came back on to try out some new software (these few minutes are tacked on to the end).
Download the show from the usual suspects, including via itunes, the Ledge app,, or directly here. Here's the super-lengthy list of tracks from the show:
1. The Kinnks, Never Met a Girl Like You Before
2. The Tampellas, I Love Girls
3. The Vacant Lot, Neighborhood Girls
4. Mystic Five, Are You For Real Girl
5. Moondogs, Dream Girl
6. The Dead Milkmen, Punk Rock Girl
7. X, White Girl
8. Husker Du, The Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill
9. The Kingbees, Fast Girls
10. Bram Tchaikovsky, Girl of My Dreams
11. The Beat, Rock 'n' Roll Girl
12. The Tangerines, Rock 'n' Roll Girl
13. The Dogmatics, Good Looking Girls
14. The Lemonheads, Sad Girl
15. The Real Kids, All Kindsa Girls
16. Holly and the Italians, Tell That Girl to Shut Up
17. The Bristols, I'm Not a Bad Girl
18. The Muffs, From Your Girl
19. Bikini Kill, Rebel Girl
20. Sleepasauras, Beautiful Girl
21. Chixdiggit, She Gets All the Girls
22. Descendents, Silly Girl
23. The Spunks, Silly Girl
24. Devo, Girl U Want
25. Riff Raff, Every Girl
26. Elvis Costello & the Attractions, Girls Talk
27. Madness, My Girl
28. The Jam, London Girl
29. The Buzzcocks, Why She's a Girl From the Supermarket
30. The Undertones, Let's Talk About Girls
31. U.K. Subs, Tomorrow's Girls
32. The Ramones, You're Gonna Kill That Girl
33. Riverdales, Girls Town
34. The Celibate Rifles, Groupie Girl
35. Material Issue, The Girl With the Sad Eyes
36. The Len Price 3, The Girl Who Became a Machine
37. Redd Kross, Only a Girl
38. Young Fresh Fellows, Hillbilly Drummer Girl
39. The White Wires, Girly Girly Girly
40. Nervebreakers, Girls Girls Girls Girls Girls
41. Nick Curran, Baby You Crazy
42. Lagwagon, Brown Eyed Girl
43. The Cynics, Get Away Girl
44. The Lyres, I'm Tellin' You Girl
45. The Scruffs, Frozen Girls
46. Alex Chilton, With a Girl Like You
47. Replacements, I'm In Love With a Girl
48. Replacements, Sweet Girl #2
49. Flamin' Oh's, Smart Girl
50. Spider Girl, Party Girl
51. The Agents, Modern Girl
52. Bare Wires, Romantic Girl
53. The Shods, All Kinds of Girls
54. Young Governor, Summer Girl
55. The Checkout Girls, Summer Girls
56. The White Wires, Summer Girl
57. Eddie Spaghetti, Girl On the Billboard
58. The Strange Boys, This Girls Taught Me a Dance
59. The Makers, Psychotropic Supergirl
60. Turbonegro, I'm In Love With the Destructive Girls
61. The Madd, Good Evening Girl


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