Rural Ledge-ucation #86: Burlap Wolf King

One aspect of this new gig writing for the local paper that I'm really enjoying is getting myself reacquainted with the local music scene. Ten years removed from covering it means I have a LOT to learn.
It's been so much fun sitting down with these musicians and not only discussing their music but also the artists that inspired them to pick up an instrument and start playing. Today's show is a perfect example. While I had chatted with Thomas Hentges in the past about appearing on The Ledge, the timing hadn't worked out.
Timing wasn't a problem today, as Hentges, under the name Burlap Wolf King, has a brand new self-titled EP that will be hitting local shops in a week or so. To celebrate, he also has a pair of shows next weekend at Lattitude 44 in Sioux Falls, SD.
Besides playing the entire EP, Hentges also picked out a few other tunes from artists that have inspired him in the past. You can grab this show in iTunes, Stitcher, The Ledge android/iTunes app, or...


1. Burlap Wolf King, There Goes Another Year
2. Neil Young, On the Beach
3. Joni Mitchell, cactus Tree
4. Burlap Wolf King, Swallows Song
5. Burlap Wolf King, August Rain
6. Townes Van Zandt, Like a Summer's Thursday
7. Songs: Ohia, I've Been Riding
8. Burlap Wolf King, Terracotta
9. Burlap Wolf King, Wash Away Your Worries
10. Burlap Wolf King, Bleed Or Leave It Alone


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