Live Ledge #124: New Releases

Another month, another pile of new tunes to sample. After a quiet summer, the record industry is finally starting to pump out some worthwhile material. Tonight's show collects brand new music by the likes of The Suburbs, Pixies, Superchunk, Two Car Garage, Tommy Keene, and much, much more.
Plus, you get a couple of stories from that silly Hudson character, including his disastrous interview with the current record holder for the biggest country pop hit of all time. Grab this episode from the usual sources, including The Ledge app, Stitcher, iTunes, or...


1. The Suburbs, Dumb Ass Kids Si Sauvage
2. Pixies, Indie Cindy
3. Pixies, What Goes Boom
4. Superchunk, Me & You & Jackie Mittoo
5. Superchunk, Void
6. Two Cow Garage, Stars & Gutters
7. Two Cow Garage, Annie Get Your Guns
8. Tommy Keene, The Puppet
9. Tommy Keene, Let Me Dream If I Want To
10. Ty Segall, 6th Street
11. The Sharks, I Fucking Love You
12. Fat White Family, Is It Raining In Your Mouth?
13. The Connection, Wrong Side of 25
14. The Connection, Let It Rock
15. Terry Malts, Two Faces
16. Bleached, Looking for a Fight
17. The Julie Ruin, Kids In NY
18. King Khan & the Shrines, Born to Die
19. Death, Keep on Knocking
20. Death, Can You Give Me A Thrill
21. Rough Francis, Don't Look Back
22. The Replacements, I'm In Trouble
23. The Replacements, Hangin Downtown
24. Paley Brothers, Come On Let's Go (With The Ramones)
25. Mystic Eyes, She Don't Cry No More
26. The Hentchmen, Shimmy Shake
27. The Savages, The World Ain't Round It's Square
28. The Avengers, Teenage Rebel
29. Mutants, Insect Lounge
30. The Zeros, Beat Your Heart Out
31. The Bags, Survive
32. Bad Sports, Hypothetical Girl
33. The Dirtbombs, Sunshine Girl
34. Black Joe Lewis, My Blood Ain't Runnin'
35. Babyshambles, Fireman


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