Live Ledge #131: RIP Lou Reed

The music world lost a giant last Sunday when Lou Reed passed away. In my life, he was one of the threads that connected the punk movement of the late 70's that I was so energetically following to the more traditional, historical giants that I was also discovering. His work with the Velvet Underground allowed me to see how rock and roll made it from Chuck Berry to the Talking Heads.
Tonight's show is dedicated to Lou, with tracks not only from his solo and Velvet Underground days but covers by the likes of The Feelies, Tommy Keene, Roky Erickson, and Mott the Hoople. Grab this one from the usual sources, or...


1. Lou Reed, Perfect Day
2. The Feelies, What Goes On
3. Nirvana, Here She Comes Now
4. The Hot Rats, I Can't Stand It
5. Buffalo Tom, All Tomorrow's Parties
6. The Velvet Underground, I'm Waiting For The Man
7. The Velvet Underground, Run Run Run
8. The Velvet Underground, Satellite of Love (alternate demo)
9. David Bowie, White Light White Heat
10. Mott The Hoople, Sweet Jane
11. Runaways, Rock 'n' Roll (live)
12. Roky Erickson, Heroin
13. Lou Reed, Real Good Time Together
14. Lou Reed, Hangin' 'Round
15. Lou Reed, Wild Child
16. Lou Reed, Caroline Says I
17. Tommy Keene, Kill Your Sons
18. The Replacements, Walk On The Wild Side
19. Lee Renaldo, Stephanie Says
20. The Dishrags, Vicious
21. Lou Reed, Sally Can't Dance
22. Lou Reed, I Love You Suzanne
23. Lou Reed, Dirty Blvd.
24. Lou Reed, Romeo Had Juliette
25. Lou Reed, Pale Blue Eyes (w/Pete Townshend)


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