Live Ledge #132: New Finds

I'm beyond frustrated thanks to bad internet connections and the worst piece of software ever invented (iTunes). The premise of tonight's show is simple - nothing but new releases and blog finds. Yep, it's that monthly show. Included in the new releases are tracks by Mind Spiders, Swearin', Fuzz, and Black Flag. In the blog finds portion of the show, there's a BBC recording of Brinsley Schwarz, a demo of The Real Kids' "All Kindsa Girls, and much much more. Grab this from the usual sources, or...


1. Three O'Clock, Jet Fighter
2. The Replacements, Hold My Life
3. The Replacements, I Just Don't Give A Damn
4. Paul Westerberg, Seein' Her
5. Rank And File, Amanda Ruth
6. Unwound, Antifreeze
7. Unwound, Rubber Band Heart
8. Mind Spiders, Pictures
9. Mind Spiders, Inside You
10. Swearin', Dust In The Gold Sack
11. Swearin', Watered Down
12. Superchunk, Children in Heat (Misfits Cover)
13. Bouncing Souls, Blackout
14. Black Flag, My Heart's Pumping
15. Black Flag, Down In The Dirt
16. Fuzz, Sleigh Ride
17. The Future Primitives, Girl Like You
18. The Herms, Power Joystick
19. The Pampers, Monkey Drip
20. The Silver Shine, Jolene
21. The Dictators, California Sun (Original Demo)
22. The Shazam, I Can See For Miles
23. Brinsley Schwarz, Cruel To Be Kind
24. Becky Lee And Drunkfoot, Lies
25. The Blind Shake, Garbage on Glue
26. The Vacancies, Radio Revolution
27. The Real Kids, All Kindsa Girls
28. The Effection, The Sound Effection
29. Throwing Muses, opiates


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