Live Ledge #138: New Releases

Generally speaking, the first show of a new year is tough to put together, especially if it is a show consisting primarily of new releases. The record industry slows to a crawl those last few weeks, hoping to survive off their existing blockbuster releases. Anybody dumb enough to actually release an album in December is likely to see it ignore anyway, as EVERYBODY has plenty of distractions during that month.
Surprisingly, this show was one of the easiest ever. In fact, I didn't even include the usual "blog finds" that fill up most of these monthly shows. There's a lot of music coming out in the next couple of months, and tonight's show is highlighted by many of those albums. Tonight also featured a bit of catching up, as various other published lists inspired me to check out some artists that I had missed. Plus, Greg Lonesome from Rock 'n' Roll Manifesto has a new compilation that you can download at realpunkradio. Three "pounders" from that free release were broadcast tonight.
A restructuring of the show also aided in compiling the tunes. In mid-2013, I had set aside my Sunday morning Rural Ledge-ucation broadcast due to side jobs and other obligations. This week, I decided that I'm going to expand the focus of Live Ledge to include some Americana and singer-songwriter tunes. Hopefully, this will cause my show to give a more well-rounded sampling of my loves and influences.
Grab this from the usual sources, hit the stitcher box on the side of the page, or...


1. Slaid Cleaves, One Good Year
2. Jeffrey Lewis and The Rain, WWPRD
3. The Barracudas, God Bless The 45
4. The NEW TROCADEROS, Money Talks
5. 7 Seconds, Slogan On A Shirt
6. Drive-By Truckers, Shit Shots Count
7. Drive-By Truckers, Pauline Hawkins
8. Hard Working Americans, Straight To Hell
9. Hard Working Americans, Welfare Music
10. Tim Easton, Crazy Motherfucker from Shelby Ohio
11. Missing Monument, Answer the Call
12. Motel Mirrors. Meet Me On The Corner
13. The Bremen Riot, Scenes From a Hot Tub
14. Pixies, Blue Eyed Hexe
15. The Suburbs, Taxman
16. September Girls, Heartbeats
17. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, The Janitor Revealed
18. The Fleshtones, What You're Talking About
19. The Fleshtone, Remember The Ramones
20. Tim Timebomb, In The City
21. Tim Timebomb, I'm Movin' On
22. The Pogues with Joe Strummer, Dirty Old Town
23. The Pogues with Joe Strummer, Brand New Cadillac
24. The Fall, Cab It Up! (Single Edit)
25. The Velvet Underground, Beginning To See The Light(unreleased early version)
26. CTMF. Joe Strummer's Grave (Alternate Version)
27. CTMF, Israelites
28. CTMF, She Said Yeah
29. Memphis Morticians, 13 O'Clock Rock
30. Lovesores, It's Like Lightning
31. Ricky C Quartet, Sometimes
32. Livids, (Some Of Us Have) Adrenalized Hearts
33. The Blendours, Teenage Drag Queen


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