Live Ledge #140: Winter

I must admit that I rarely pay attention to the weather. I can't handle the constant hype on local TV news, and I obviously don't listen to commercial radio. Even the cliched conversations about weather drives me batty. I wake up in the morning, throw some clothes on, and head off to work.
With that in mind, you can imagine I was a bit shocked yesterday when a cold, (extremely) windy day turned into a blizzard. Or was it a blizzard? I can't tell anymore. All I know is that I read a Facebook post from my sister who said that she couldn't see in front of her vehicle because of the blowing snow.
After being informed that maybe I should head home, I did just that. Honestly, it still didn't seem like a real storm, but later that afternoon there was a 26 car accident just outside of the city. Stuff like that doesn't happen too often around here, so it was probably a good thing I left work.
This weather incident was just the latest of a season that has been exceptionally dire. The cold came in earlier and sunk to temps lower than I've seen in years. I went a good three weeks without seeing a positive temperature when I started my day. Thank God for my vehicle's remote start.
Frustrated with this situation, which was amplified by the fact that my Big Brother Gossip Show cohost Colette Lala is currently tanning and drinking in Hawaii, led to tonight's them of "winter". Yep, nothing but songs about everybody's least favorite part of the year.
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1. Muddy Waters Cold Weather Blues
2. Elvis Costello, I Felt the Chill Before the Winter Came
3. The Rolling Stones, Winter
4. Josh Rouse, Winter In The Hamptons
5. Bill Callahan, Winter Road
6. Mark Olson, Winter Song
7. Robyn Hitchcock, Winter Love
8. Garland Jeffreys, Coney Island Winter
9. The Dentists, Strawberries Are Growing In My Garden (And It's Wintertime)
10.Trip Shakespeare, Snow Days
11. Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers, Abominable Snowman In The Market
12. The A-Bones, I'm Snowed
13. Summer Hymns, 14 Inches Of Snow
14. Dumptruck, Winter
15. For Against, Wintersong
16. The Fall, Winter
17. The Housemartins, I Smell Winter
18. Killing Joke, Wintergardens (New Mix)
19. Superchunk, Winter Games
20. JEFF The Brotherhood, Hypnotic Winter
21. The Apples In Stereo, Winter Must Be Cold
22. Redd Kross, Winter Blues
23. Deer Tick, Straight into a Storm
24. U.K. Subs, Stormy Day
25. Minutemen, Storm In My House
26. Pixies, Winterlong
27. Lee Ranaldo, Winterlong
28. Fastbacks, In The Winter
29. Kent State, Nuclear Winter
30. The Tripwires, Flowers of Winter
31. Shannon And The Clams, Old Man Winter


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