Live Ledge #144: Valentine

It's another of the seemingly dozens of annual shows I compile. Every Valentine's Day, I put together a show of anti-love, anti-Valentine's Day songs. It's impossible to run out! This year is no different, although I have included a couple of songs that are a bit more hopeful than usual. Have I mellowed out in my old age?
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1. David Bowie, Valentine’s Day
2. Paul Westerberg, I Think I Love You
3. Paul Westerberg, Between Love & Like
4. Paul Westerberg, I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
5. The Ramones, Baby I Love You
6. Ryan Adams, Come Pick Me Up
7. Whiskeytown, Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart Tonight
8. Uncle Tupelo, Give Back The Key To My Heart
9. Drive-By Truckers, Don't Be in Love Around Me
10. Jonny Polonsky, Evil Scurvy Love
11. Dean Wareham, Love Is Colder Than Death
12. Rhett Miller, My Valentine
13. Frank Black & The Catholics, Valentine & Garuda
14. The Pogues, Where That Love's Been Gone
15. The Nips, I Don't Want Nobody to Love
16. Neon Boys, Love Comes in Spurts
17. The Drones, Be My Baby
18. ALL, I Hate to Love
19. The Dishrags, I Don't Love You
20. The Devil Dogs, Best Part Of Breaking Up
21. The Sharks, I Fucking Love You
22. The Humpers, Plastique Valentine
23. Smoking Popes, Valentine
24. Ultimate Fakebook, Valentines
25. Steven Deal, Valentine
26. The Nervebreakers, I Love Your Neurosis
27. X, When Our Love Passed Out on the Couch
28. The Buzzcocks, You Say You Don't Love Me
29. Brinsley Schwarz, Give Me Back My Love
30. Dayglo Abortions, Used To Be In Love
31. Batmobile, Love Disease
32. The Undecided By Default, Deadbeat Love
33. The Yum Yums, Walking Out on Love
34. Fun Things, (I Ain't Got) Time Enough For Love
35. The Jolts, I Never Loved You
36. The Rocketz, Punk Rock Love Song
37. The Rolling Stones, I Don't Know Why (aka Don't Know Why I Love You)


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