Live Ledge #146: Blog Finds

Not only do I scour local and reginal record stores for new music, but I also spend way too much time checking out various blogs. I'm a big fan of the types of blogs that "rescue" forgotten, long out-of-print albums, or those that feature live recordings of my favorite bands.
In the past, many of these "blog finds" have been a part of my monthly "new release" episodes. A sort of filler, I guess. Lately, though, there have been enough new tunes that I've been forced to ignore these other types of new items. Tonight rectifies that problem, as the entire show consists of rarities found on various blogs. There's plenty of revved-up covers of old classics, along with reunions, live tracks, side projects, and a good half hour or so of female rock 'n' roll.
Oh yeah, I take a few minutes to talk about the uselessness of Facebook, especially when they're used to take private fights into a public forum.
Grab this from the usual sources, hit the Stitcher box on the side of the page, or...

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1. Mark Lanegan, Satellite of Love
2. Scruffy the Cat, You Dirty Rat
3. Grand Champeen, Paid Vacation
4. Sand Rubies, (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone
5. The Doughboys, Route 66
6. Rachael Gordon, Rock'n'Roll Girl
7. Love Me Nots, Karen (Get Yourself Out)
8. Thee Headcoatees, Don't Wanna Hold Your Hand
9. Blaire Bitch Project, Shut The Fuck Up
10. Demolition Girl And The Strawberry Men, Punk Is Dead
11. The Bangs, Chocolate Cobwebs
12. Holly Golightly, Run Cold
13. The Friggs, Bad Word for a Good Thing
14. The Maybellines, No Jive
15. The Bobbyteens, Baby Doll
16. The Pristeens, Wild Man
17. Question Mark And The Mysterians, Satisfaction
18. Rolling Stones, Reelin' And Rockin'
19. Screaming Lord Sutch, London Rocker
20. Nozems, Wasted Time
21. The Nimrods, I Wanna Be A Groovie Ghoulie
22. The Art Attacks, I Am A Dalek
23. The Slickee Boys, What Ya Gonna Do 'Bout It
24. Dirty Face, Too Young
25. The Replacements, He's A Whore
26. The Replacements, Some Kind Of Wonderful
27. The Replacements, Nowhere Man
28. Paul Westerberg, Live Forever
29. Pipeline Pete, I'm in Trouble
30. The Hitmen, Kicks Right Now
31. London Cowboys, Girl That I Love
32. Hijackers, When I Get Home
33. Cheap Trick, California Man
34. The Last, She Loves
35. Untamed Youth, Hey Elly May
36. The Jesus and Mary Chain, Head On


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