Live Ledge #155: Broken Side of Time

Author/director Gorman Bechard has the record for most Ledge interviews, and deservedly so. Besides directing documentaries on the Replacements, Archers of Loaf, and Grant Hart, his extremely strong opinions on the music industry make him the perfect Live Ledge guest.
Tonight's appearance is different than in the past, as we discuss the DVD release of his latest movie, Broken Side of Time. Described as "Last Tango In New Haven", the movie centers around Dolce, a thirty year-old nude internet model who has decided its time to leave the modeling world. Before "retiring", Dolce hits the road for final shoots with her favorite photographers. The flick will also be available on Hulu, but the DVD version includes hours of bonus features. For more info, click HERE!
Besides talking about the movie, Gorman also discusses other projects, including a final Kickstarter push to complete A Dog Named Gucci. We also discuss various music topics, including the only "perfect" album, Lydia Loveless, Angel Olsen, and the upcoming homecoming show for The Replacements in St. Paul.
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Thanks so much to Gorman for joining me on tonight's episode!


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