Live Ledge #160: Shuffle

Ok, I have a confession tonight. I had no idea what to do for tonight's show. All week long I attempted to come up with a theme, and just drew a blank. Nothing. Nada.
So last night I did a little experiment. I opened up iTunes and set it to shuffle play, and created tonight's playlist in that manner. To be honest, though, I skipped the tracks that wouldn't fit on the realpunkradio network. But anything that could possibly work was grabbed, and tonight's show was played in that exact same order.
This admittedly lazy method of programming a show actually worked! It chose some of the usual acts you head on Live Ledge (Replacements, Elvis Costello, Clash), along with quite a few that I've ignored for years and years (Gruesomes, Obits, Future Primitives, Muck and the Mires). Even better, outside of "I Will Dare", shuffle tended to pick more obscure tracks. Quite a few of the regular artists were represented by live tracks, radio appearances, and b-sides from expanded reissues.
Grab this via the usual sources, including iTunes and Stitcher, or...


1. The`Figgs, Tint
2. Mono Men, Pisswater
3. The Clash, Career Opportunities (Mickey Foote Demo)
4. The Jesus & Mary Chain, Head
5. D Generation, Rise And Fall
6. The Gruesomes, Heart Full of Pain
7. Muck and the Mires, I'd Do It All Over Again
8. The Meteors, Yellow Zone
9. Black Diamonds, I Want Need Love You
10. The Saints, The Ballad
11. Graham Parker, Saturday Nite Is Dead
12. The Hairlips, The Way She Goes New
13. The Distillers, Lordy Lordy
14. Mind Spiders, One Step Ahead
15. The Jam, But I'm Different Now
16. The Dictators, The Next Big Thing
17. The Jim Jones Revue, Big Len
18. The Replacements, I Will Dare
19. Newtown Neurotics, Hypocrite
20. Obits, Widow Of My Dreams
21. Elvis Costello, Call On Me
22. Rise Against, Nervous Breakdown
23. The Future Primitives, I'm The Sound
24. Slobberbone, Stumblin'
25. Avengers, Thin White Line
26. Crass, Where Next Columbus?
27. The Muffs, Agony
28. Sleater-Kinney, Stay Where You Are
29. Les Sexareenos, Carolina, Yeah!
30. Descendents, M 16
31. The Heartbreakers, I Wanna Be Loved
32. Pansy Division, Headbanger
33. Wire, I 2 X U


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