Live Ledge #161: 4th of July

Normally, the first show of the month is devoted to new releases. Given that this day coincides with Independence Day, I altered the format to celebrate the big holiday. Tonight's playlist is almost nothing but songs that are about the holiday, America, firecrackers, and other related topics.
There are two exceptions to the format, however, as the day also marks two big anniversaries. On July 4, 1976, the Ramones made their London appearance. In the audience were members of the Clash, Sex Pistols, Damned, Stranglers, and many others. Witnesses say that concert jumpstarted the British punk scene, and almost immediately everybody started playing faster.
On this day in 1991, a certain Minneapolis band played at Grant Park in Chicago. While it wasn't announced at the time, this became the last Replacements performance until their reunion last summer. This day is memoralized by that show's version of "Hootenanny", the last tune performed that day.
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1. X, 4th Of July
2. Violet, This is America
3. Ryan Adams, Firecracker
4. The Bottle Rockets, Wave That Flag
5. Jason & The Scorchers, American Legion Party
6. Nick Lowe, American Squirm
7. Elvis Costello, Crawling To The USA
8. Discount, Help Save The Youth Of America
9. Paul Collins, This Is America
10. HeadCat, American Beat
11. MC5, The American Ruse
12. The Hellacopters, All American Man
13. House Of Large Sizes, Cranko-American
14. Sass, Rockin' In The USA
15. The Smugglers, Fun in the USA
16. The Jesus & Mary Chain, Surfin' USA
17. The Devil Dogs, Rock City USA
18. The Breakaways, USA
19. The Normals, USA
20. The Avengers, The American In Me
21. Circle Jerks, American Way
22. The Weirdos, Fort USA
23. The Ramones, Judy Is A Punk
24. The Damned, Neat Neat Neat (Peel session)
25. Sex Pistols, Anarchy In The UK
26. The Clash, I'm So Bored With the USA (Beaconsfield Film School Session)
27. The Stranglers, (Get A) Grip (On Yourself)
28. The Replacements, Hootenanny
29. Rocket From the Crypt, Straight American Slave
30. The Seat Belts, American Bandstand
31. The Wynona Riders, Kids In America
32. Agent Orange, America
33. Stiff Little Fingers, Fly The Flag
34. Dillinger Four, Americaspremierefaithbasedinitiative
35. The Celibate Rifles, Thank You America


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