Live #172: Happy Birthday RPR

It's realpunkradio's fifth birthday, and the site has celebrated with a free download! Killing the Record Industry Vol. 5 is a collection of tracks submitted by bands that regularly make the playlist of the various RPR shows, and it's the best of the five releases. Get your copy by clicking HERE!
Besides tracks from that compilation, tonight's show is highlighted by selections from a Norton Records series of 7" singles featuring garage rockers covering the Stones. Fantastic acts such as the Real Kids, Lyres, and The Dirtbombs put their own greasy take on mid-period tracks such as "Under My Thumb", "What to Do", and other tracks. Grab this from the usual sources, or...


1. The Wildhearts, Some Days Just Fucking Suck
2. The Real Kids, Out Of Time
3. Janet St Clair & The Real Kids, Ride On Baby
4. The Little Killers, Think
5. The Dartford Renegades, Off The Hook
6. Thee Shams, Doncha Bother Me
7. Dexter Romweber Duo, Heart Of Stone
8. The Swingin' Neckbreakers, It's Not Easy
9. Lyres, Now I've Got A Witness
10. The Meatmen, Dinosaur
11. The Tremors, My Baby's Gone
12. Dead Bundy & The Neat Neat Neats, Gunslingin' Man
13. Teenage Brain, Insect
14. The DeRellas, She Kissed the Gun
15. Miscalculations, Live With Myself
16. Bad Co. Project, Anthem X
17. DeeCRACKS, Charité Forever
18. Gutter Demons, Guilty
19. The A-Bones, Miss Amanda Jones
20. The's, 19th Nervous Breakdown
21. The Greenhornes, Sad Day
22. Thee Shams, Under My Thumb
23. Black Lips, What To Do
24. The Dirtbombs, No Expectations
25. Sky Saxon & The Seeds, The Singer Not The Song
26. King Khan & BBQ, Flight 505
27. The Flakes, Stupid Girl
28. Violet, Behind Bars in Austin
29. Vertebrats, Left In The Dark
30. The 101'ers, Keys To Your Heart (Pathway Demos 4th March 1976)
31. The Ugly Beats, I'll Walk Away
32. The Undertones, Family Entertainment
33. The Vibrators, London Girls
34. X-Ray Specs, I am a Poseur
35. U.K. Subs, Stranglehold


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