Live Ledge #170: New Releases

Every month begins with a Live Ledge rundown of recent and upcoming releases, and this month is no exception. There's a real treasure chest of new tunes, including full-length albums by Lucinda Williams, Jeff Tweedy, Chuck Prophet, and many more. This week also saw the announcement of the first Rancid album in five years. Honor Is All We Know will come out on October 27, and tonight's broadcast features the three tracks that were released on YouTube.
There's also some great indie music from The Growlers, Ex Hex, King Tuff, along with the returns of Sonny Vincent, The Vaselines, and The A-Bones. Reissues include a previously unreleased version of The Kinks' "Lola", and releases by Crime and Wreckless Eric.
Grab this via the usual sources, including iTunes and Stitcher, or...


1. The Replacements, Going to New York
2. Lucinda Williams, Something Wicked This Way Comes
3. Lucinda Williams, Walk On Down
4. Tweedy, I'll Sing It
5. Chuck Prophet, Ford Econoline
6. The Kinks, Lola Lola
7. Wreckless Eric, It's A Sick Sick World
8. Crime, Terminal Boredom
9. The Mahones, Teenage Kicks
10. Rancid, Collision Course
11. Rancid, Honor Is All We Know
12. Rancid, Evil's My Friend
13. Sonny Vincent and Spite, Dog On the Subway
14. Sonny Vincent and Spite, Sidewalk Cracks
15. Brian Setzer, Vinyl Records
16. The Growlers, Good Advice
17. Superdrag, Simpleton's Make-Believe
18. Ex Hex, Don't Wanna Lose
19. Ex Hex, How You Got That Girl
20. The Vaselines, High Tide Low Tide
21. Spider Bags, We Got Problems
22. The Gotobeds, New York's Alright (If You Like Sex & Phones)
23. King Tuff, Black Holes in Stereo
24. King Tuff, Beautiful Thing
25. The Number Ones, I Wish I Was Lonely
26. The Hares, Song About a Girl
27. Paul Collins, Feel The Noise
28. The Vibrators, Get Me a Beer
29. The A-Bones, Just a Little Bit of You
30. Bleached, Poison Ivy
31. Wand, Flying Golem
32. The Creeps, Leave It To Me
33. Sleaford Mods Pubic Hair Ltd


Joseph said…
Another amazing show, Scott!

I got to see Ex-Hex in Portland last week and about half way through they started playing a song that I knew was not theirs but was definitely familiar - it was the Real Kids' All Kindsa Girls! You are exactly who I thought of since I never would've known that great song without your awesome show. Thanks.
Scott said…
Wow! I'd love to hear that. Thanks, Joseph!

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