Live Ledge #196: New Releases

Ok, so last week was supposed to be the "new release" episode of the week. I was sick, though! An awful hacking cough prevented me from sitting in front of the microphone in the Ledge Studios, so it was postponed a week.
I'm still not 100%, but I managed to make it through tonight's episode, primarily thanks to a great lineup of recently-released music. This week alone saw new material from Mikal Cronin, Best Coast, Panther Ray, and a wonderful, newly-discovered collaboration between living legend Sonny Vincent and Rocket From the Crypt.
There was also one of the music industry's biggest surprises, which was unveiled this morning. Miley Cyrus, Joan Jett, and Against Me's Laura Jane Grace collaborated on a singalong version of "Androgynous" by The Replacements, and it's shockingly fantastic! Seriously! Who would have ever believed that Miley Cyrus would make a Scott Hudson podcast? I guess anything is now possible.
As always, grab this sucka from iTunes or Stitcher, or stream it via The Ledge android/iPhone app, or...


1. Laura Jane Grace/Joan Jett/Miley Cyrus, Androgynous  
2. Sam Cohen, Let The Mountain Come To You
3. Rocky Votolato, White-Knuckles
4. Panther Ray, Get to You
5. Gateway Drugs, Friday's Are for Suckers
6. Titus Andronicus, Dimed Out  
7. Weed, Stay in the Summer
8. Palma Violets, Girl You Couldn't Do Much Better on the Beach
9. Blood Drugs, Diamonds
10. Mikal Cronin, Made My Mind Up
11. Mikal Cronin, ii) Gold
12. King Tuff, Dancing On You
13. Ty Segall, Girlfriend
14. Best Coast, Feeling Ok
15. Best Coast, Fine Without You
16. The Paranoid Style, National Sunday Law
17. Summer Cannibals, Something New
18. Joanna Gruesome, Last Year
19. Speedy Ortiz, Raising the Skate
20. Peach Kelli Pop, Heart Eyes
21. Sonny Vincent & Rocket From The Crypt, Through My Head
22. The Blind Shake, Tar Paper
23. The Brooklyn What, Buzzards and Dreadful Crows
24. Dead Men Walking, Damned - Damned - Damned
25. The Splits, Rotten Me
26. The Splits, No Time
27. The CRY!, Seventeen
28. The Miseries, Skinflint
29. The Mahones, Last One To Die
30. Mustard Plug, Roots Radicals
31. Kevin Seconds, Salvation
32. Voodoo Glow Skulls, The Brothels
33. Street Dogs, Avenues & Alleyways
34. Anti-Flag, Maxwell Murder
35. The Beaumonts, Let's Get Drunk


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