Live Ledge #198: Number Five

Last month, director Gorman Bechard gave me a great idea for a show - nothing but a certain track number. With April being the fourth month, the first show of this type was all track fours. Now that we're in May, let's skip down a track and do nothing but the fifth song of some old faves and current releases.
There's also a little tribute to Ross "Roscoe" Shoemaker, a legendary figure in the history of The Replacements. As the manager of a club called the Bowery in Oklahoma City, he asked the band if he could record their 1984 appearance in the club. "Why? We suck", replied Paul Westerberg.
Shoemaker hung up two mics, and (contrary to the legend) handed over the tape after the show. It was one of those chaotic nights that were somewhat commonplace at the time - only a handful of originals and then portions of two dozen different cover tunes.
There was something about that recording that piqued the interest of the band, however, and they released it on cassette as "The Shit Hits the Fans". Recently, Rolling Stone listed it as one of the 50 greatest live albums of all time.
Earlier this week, Shoemaker died due to a head-on collision on a highway in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. In his memory, I went against my rule of not including live albums or compilations on these numerical shows, and played track five, "Sixteen Blue", from that release. RIP Roscoe.
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1. Lydia Loveless, Hurts So Bad
2. The Sonics, Psycho
3. The Stooges, Real Cool Time
4. The Velvet Underground, I Heard Her Call My Name
5. Cheap Trick, Auf Wiedersehen
6. The Exploding Hearts, Sleeping Aides & Razorblades
7. Rocket From The Crypt, Drop Out
8. Hot Snakes, Think About Carbs
9. The Supersuckers, I Want the Drugs
10. JD McPherson, It Shook Me Up
11. The Bottle Rockets, Sunday Sports
12. Social Distortion, Ring Of Fire
13. Twin Peaks, Making Breakfast
14. King Tuff, Bad Thing
15. Weed, Depending On
16. The Replacements, Sixteen Blue
17. The Replacements, The Ledge
18. Husker Du, Green Eyes
19. Soul Asylum, Beggars And Choosers
20. Suburbs, Black Leather Stick
21. The Neighborhoods, Hate Zone
22. The Nervebreakers, I Love Your Neurosis
23. Hoodoo Gurus, Like Wow - Wipeout
24. Pixies, Here Comes Your Man
25. The Ramones, Carbona Not Glue
26. Sex Pistols, God Save The Queen
27. The Clash, Rudie Can't Fail
28. The Jam, Start!
29. Archers Of Loaf, Might
30. Superchunk, Saving My Ticket
31. Sleater-Kinney, You're No Rock 'n Roll Fun
32. Radio Birdman, I 94
33. The Fall, Spolit Victorian Child


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